Pagan Holidays for April 23, 2010

The Numerology number for today is: 3

The number three is associated with spring, consequently with beginnings, new ventures and with fertile phases of growth. These can be physical or mental. Three is symbolized by the triangle and can therefore represent the holy trinity of whatever faith or spirituality. It is linked to the planet Jupiter, the sign of the Sagittarius and the colors mauve and amethyst.


Now, let’s hop back through time on this Friday and see what our Ancient Ancestors have shaking!

The Romans will be having an observance for their beloved God Jupiter and their Goddess Venus today. All of Rome would go out and pour whatever wine was left from the previous year unto the ground as an offering the the Gods.

Peeking in on the Norse, who began some Summer yesterday, we see that they are having a Festival for Sigurd today. The day also being known as Sigurdsblót.

In many Pagan traditions, today is called Green Man and huge celebrations would have been held, and still are today sometimes. the Green Man represented the forests and was represented as vegetation when Pagans created symbols of him. The Green Man also represented spring, nature, and the growth warmer weather triggered.

At times, the Green Man was also carved into Pagan tombstones, representing eternal life.


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