Dear Reader,

Thank you for popping by. Now to get right down to the question at hand — what is, The Pagan and the Pen, all about?

The Pagan and the Pen is a blog, or online magazine, if you will. Our goal is to cover topics such as, but not limited to, Everything Pagan, Other Religions, Politics, Paranormal, Metaphysics, Myths & Lore, Other-Worlds, Current and World Events, Hot Topics, LGBT Issues, Education and every other present-day subject matter that, well, matters.

It’s not all business, either. We also like to throw in Recipes, Bath & Body, Herbal – Healing and Magical tidbits, Gardening Advice and Tips, Earthly and Environmental News, Movies, Books, Art and so much more.

The Pagan and the Pen is a virtual voice – written by Pagans for everyone or anyone interested. We allow Authors and Artists to write about what means most to them, what fuels them, what has their attention, all while throwing a spotlight on who they are and what they do.

We like to celebrate and showcase our kindred Pagans– those who work to bring about change, to add color, to make a difference or who have knowledge or the desire to make their mark.

If you have a desire to write for The Pagan and the Pen, then please check out our Submissions Page. If you are simply wanting to read, then by all means, sign up for email notifications or our RSS Feed– all can be found in the right-hand column.

And if you need more of a conversation, something more than just the ability to comment, then please, keep watch because we have a FORUM coming soon.

Oh, and please excuse the mess. We were taking a break, collecting ourselves and now that we are yawning from a long winter’s nap, we are doing a bit of cleaning, re-inventing ourselves.

Please be patient as it won’t be long now….

The Pagan and the Pen

24 thoughts on “About”

  1. As someone who follows the ways of my ancestors, I would like to extend my thanks to Nimue and to the other contributors of “The Pagan and the Pen” for their efforts in maintaining this website and for the informative articles which I enjoy reading.

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