Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 10th: The Unstained & A New Celtic Tree Month Begins

Today in Ancient History, our Ancestors would have celebrated Anahita.

Little is known about the Goddess Anahita and where she originated from but we do know she ended up a Persian and her name meant ‘unstained’. Making a grand appearance in the the last part of Avesta,(Zoroastrian Texts) in 200BC she was known as the immaculate virgin mother of the Mithras. Her temple existed in Kangavar.

Ancient Calendar & Present Day Pagan Holiday

773609-bigthumbnailThe Celtic Tree Month of Duir begins today. Duir is believed to mean “door”. It is the Oak Tree –King of Kings– which stands for this Month.

It is fitting that both Druid and Duir mean “door”, considering all Trees, according to the Celts, led to one of three Worlds. Each World was each made up of four Realms.

It is said that the Druids held the mighty Oak higher than all others.

This month is also special because it includes the Summer Solstice.

The Oak stands for truth, endurance and strength. Carry an acorn in your pocket for luck, success and wealth.

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