Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 10: The Truth of Lady Godiva & A little of the Norse

42235-John Collier-Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva sheds light to women having to take drastic actions to get a man’s attention. 

Most people think she was a famous painting but she was much more than that. An actual person, Lady Godiva married a man named, Leofric III, who was known as the Earl of Mercia and the Lord of Coventry.

Having pleaded with her husband many times to reduce taxes which weighed heavily on their people living under their domain, Lady Godiva, on this day in Ancient History during the year of 1045 CE, decided to do something drastic. After all, what choice did she have? Her husband simply would not listen.

Stripping down to absolutely nothing, Lady Godiva rode naked through the village.

Now some sources claimed Lady Godiva made the choice to do this only after Leofric III made the sarcastic remark, “I will lower the taxes only after you ride through the village naked.”

Other sources claim Lady Godiva didn’t actually do this to shock everyone. They claim she ordered the villagers to remain indoors and not to look outside.

More sources claim she did this in full view, where all could see her, as her two female lady attendants rode along side of her—with their clothes on that is.

In the end, despite how it came about or how it came to be, because of what Lady Godiva did, taxes were lowered.

The Norse would have been celebrating their Goddess Skaoi or Skadhi, who happened to be the wife of Niord. She was the goddess of the Hunt. Scandinavia was named after her.

The Goddess month of Rosea Ends.


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