Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 22nd: Rosicrucian

Today’s has Rosicrucian marked on it.


RosicrucianSome people think the Rosicrucian came sometime around 1614, once a pamphlet was released pretty much announcing it’s existence in Germany. Not the case.


While Wikipedia will claim so, those who are stern Occult followers, will tell you different. They only announced themselves to the world during the Middle Ages.

Rosicrucian seems to be a mix of  Protestantism and Lutheranism, having influences of Freemasonry. More importantly, it claims to have derived from  Hermeticism or having very strong connections to.

Call it a secret society, if you want, but know that the cross with the rose is associated with it.

Now while I said most claim it started in Germany during 1614, again, serious followers of the Occult say different. They trace Rosicrucianism all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Akhenaten.


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