Hynagogia & Shadow People: Round Two

A little bit more on Hypnagogia –I wanted to comment on some of the information out there.

In the period of waking up or falling asleep sufferers of hypnogogia feel awake in the mind but paralyzed in the body.

The above statement is not completely true. Not all people experience paralysis. For those who do, they do not experience it all the time and some people only experience it in the beginning, if at all.

Let me also point out that if you are going to research this, it is spelt Hypnagogia not hypnogogia. Hypnogogia is a common misspelling of the word.

That’s all I am going to say about Hypnagogia for now. We will go back into it later on once I weed out the info concerning it.

So what is on the agenda for today?  Let’s go back to the Shadow People.

To refresh your memory:

Shadow people (also known as shadow men, shadow folk, or shadow beings) are supernatural shadow-like creatures of both modern folklore and traditional native American beliefs. According to folklore, they appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people’s vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.[1][2]—Wikipedia

Possible explanations for Shadow People :

*Other World—dimension: Some people theorize that these beings come from another level of existence, other world or another dimension. Some believe that this dimension sometimes overlaps with ours, letting us catch a glimpse of them.

*Watchers: Some believe that these beings are what they call, “Watchers’. Now theories vary here and you will find people who actually relate them to the Watchers of the Fallen Angels. Some relate them to the Watchers of the biblical sense which did not fail God, or they have a whole other legend following. I think its important that people wash the ‘evil’ sense away from these theories though. As long as we fear it, hyping ourselves up, we will never discover the truth. Personally, I believe this is your own back yard. Nothing can hurt you unless you let it. Until we figure out what these beings are, its best we keep the fear at bay. This way we can come to some conclusion and investigate.

*Evil: With the above being said, I have to mention that one of the most common beliefs out there is that these beings are Evil, a devil or demons and some people go as far as to say , it is Lucifer himself. I can’t agree with that, sorry. I do not want to judge other people on their experiences but once people get passed the fear, there are too many positive and interesting testaments out there concerning this phenomena. I doubt that if it were Evil, that would be so. Fear kills us from discovering the truth…from fear comes ignorance and from ignorance, blindness…period.

*Ghosts or Spirits: It is one of the most common theories out there hovering right next to the Evil, demon one. People seem to believe that the Shadow spirit or being is just another type of Ghosts or Spirits. I think it is too simple of an answer BUT, if that’s all they have, then I respect that. Like us, they are just trying to figure this whole thing out right? And it is way better than the Evil thing.

*Astral projectors: Some people seem to think that these beings are someone astral projecting either from another dimension or from our own. Like people, they can be good or bad.

*Karma: Someone said that people begin to experience these beings once they start clearing out Karma. That’s all they said but later, I found many others who felt the same thing. Now even though this is at the bottom of the list for reasons, I thought it worth mentioning because it is a spreading reason.

*Succubus or Incubi: This is also at the bottom of the list and also fits under the whole Evil/Fear explanation. Apparently these people are having sex in their dreams and it is leaving them absolutely exhausted or drained.

6 thoughts on “Hynagogia & Shadow People: Round Two”

  1. Personal experiences dating back 3 decades, as recently as 6 months ago. My experience of sleep paralysis is always accompanied by manifestation of one sort or another. I have broken state by use of will on 2 occassions. The experience is disorienting and exhausting and only recently acquired. Usually the figure is singular but up to 6 have been present at once and the details differ in slight ways except for the presense of a palpable malevolence, which is constant. On occassion I have had discourse, been physically touched with accompanying physical sensation of pressure and density just as if I was “awake” and not dreaming. The truly mind-bending thing about hypnogagia is that you go from being asleep to laying in your bed in the middle of the night, in the dark, and everything is exactly as it is when you’re awake, you’re literally in your bedroom dreaming that you’re in your bedroom and the dream and reality are exactly a match, except that you can’t move and there is someone (not something but a actual person) and every gland and nerve in your body is secreting adrenaline like a fighter jet on its way to supersonic rates of acceleration, and when you wake it takes place in a instant, you literally blink and you’re officially awake and in charge of your body again and there is nothing except your heart pounding and the distinct and unsettling feeling that someone just broke into your house. Whether good or evil I can’t really say even after all these years. It may just be that when you jump dimensions or time travel that you show up as a shadow person and because you aren’t a part of the place you’re visiting, your artificially enabled presense is perceived as sheer stark raving terror by anyone unlucky enough to be in close proximity. I was glad to learn such experiences weren’t unique to me (misery loving company and all) but there is still scant little usefull analysis, as most accounts are so focused on adequately expressing their fear and convictions that any potentially useful data is buried in poor prose or lost to memory with time. Disciplines that consider themselves to be scientific in method are largely dismissive of the phenomenon and to date have shelved it as result of a biochemical condition or regressive psychological pathology that hasn’t actually been scientifically explored by anybody yet. A documentary is currently soliciting first hand accounts of these experiences, and though usually topical explorations at best, perhaps such efforts will encourage a more rigorous analysis in the future.


  2. When I was a child as far back as I can remember I’ve seen these beings. At first always when I was alone somewhere cloaked and hooded with yellow eyes, always staring just watching. When I was about 8 I could start feeling its presence before I would see it a sort of dread feeling, angry yet with sorrow. This continued for many years until I was 12 and at this point I would hear faint whispers unclear and jumbled as if hundreds of people whispering at the same time. Then it got worse, I would see multiple beings everywhere all day everyday no matter where I was. The thing that unnerved me the most was that they were in conflict fighting and “killing” one another but they were attached to other people and the “winner” would take it’s place next to that person. When I told my family what was happening they immediately took me to a psychologist that deemed me schizophrenic and put me on meds,this did not help. I am now 29 and still see them and that one yellow eyed one still watches me but is no longer alone. One night I was in bed when I realized it was there but this time it seemed angry and hate fillied the room. I began to shake uncontrollably I tried to move out of bed but then I saw three mor beings appear and all of a sudden the shaking stopped but now I was completely paralyzed unable to move the three hovered over me whispering those jumbled whispers as the yellow eyed one shot from the corner of my room directly infront of my face eye to eye and touched my chest. After it touched my chest I blacked out I finally came back too at about 6:30 am when my girlfriend came home from work this had all started at about 11 pm. Since this happened it still comes still watches still whispers as if waiting for something and yet given certain events I believe that it’s trying to tell me something it wanys me to know something and know it watches my 5 year old son. I’ve never mentioned it to my son before or around him but since he was 2 he tells me and his mom he sees a man in the corner of his room and sometimes they talk about smart people stuff. And when I sked him recently what the being said my sons reply was “the people from space are coming for us and they’re going to kill everyone mommies, daddies and babbies but not me and you dad.” I replied ok but was shocked especially since he seemed so calm when he said it he even smiled as he said it but then what he said next was so intense and the look in his eyes tone of his voice his whole disposition changed so serious he said ” but dad, as for god ..there is no god” I dont know what to think at this point first me and now my son but it seems to actually be to communicate with him and seems to be continuing to try to communicate with me


  3. These three articles have really helped open my eyes to understanding a drastic experience in my youth. I dealt with one of these shadow beings for several years, from around the age of 14. I never spoke to it, nor did it speak to me (it swore at my mother once), but it made for a terrifying time in my life. Having been raised a pentecostal christian, I believed this entity to be a demon, hence tried to get rid of it through prayer. It did not work. Eventually we moved, and lucky for me, it remained behind. I know this because it has troubled people living on the property ever since. I have never fully understood until now what happened then and ever since. Yes, I still have such experiences, though it’s not the same entity as before. For years I believed these events to be “night terrors”. I have only recently began to embrace a Pagan belief into my life, and that is how I came to find this info. So Thank you, and I mean it from the heart! Not only do I have answers, REAL answers, I have a new aspect of understanding on how to deal with the events. A couple of aspects I have discovered over time might be helpful here. First, these shadow beings have no gender. I know this because the one I felt with began as male in my perception, but later with other residence utilized what they feared most, particularly an old woman pacing the floor in high heels all through the night (a pair of men in the house at the time). This doesn’t match shadow being I know, but it changed over years time, and I believe this was through the regular feedings and multiple encounters with various people. (The house was a rental.) It got stronger. Maybe in a weakened state they stay shadow. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong on all accounts, but this is my experience. Second, these entities can use dreams\nightmares as a conduit to get out. Mine began as a brief nightmare. It was standing in my closet, about the size of a three year old. The fear I experienced was overwhelming and I awoke screaming. For the next several nights the same dream happened, but each night it became bigger. On the last night, it was tall, over a 6 foot, and it stepped from the closet and reached for me. Of course I awoke in terror. But I felt relieved the next night when the nightmares did not return. Shortly after this point the shadow figure began to appear during the time you described, twilight, at that point of sleeping and waking. Later as it gained strength others of my family had minor experiences, but it preferred me. By the time my mother experienced it first hand (the swearing experience) it was able to take a humanized form with features and no longer shadowed. I hope this helps someone else perhaps gain more understanding as I have. But as I said, I could be mistaken; though I believe I am correct. Many Blessings.


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