Pagan Holidays for April 29, 2010

Artist Ana Cruz 2006

The Numerology number for today is 9.

Nine is the number of the universe and of Vision. It represents spiritual ideals, philosophy and perfections. It is linked with mars and therefore with the signs of Aries and Scorpio. The colors are all shades of red.


Ok, we are on our second day of Rome’s festival called Floralia. Remember, this will be for their Goddess of Flora and will last a total of sex days.

And the Runic half month of Lagu begins.

Lagu represents the power of water. Funny, because my husband and I went riding the other evening in a place called Goshen Pass which is located in my neck of the mountains of Virginia. This river is very popular and I spent a lot of time there as a kid (when I wasn’t living in North Carolina). As beautiful and popular as the river is, it can also be monstrous. When the waters get high, they are no place to play around in. And many have died by mistake or accident. Still, with respect of how powerful water can be, people still flock to the stony banks of Goshen Pass, and I guess I will too from time to time.

So some pics I found of Goshen so you will get a hint of the area I live in…



Above is a famous bridge that everyone hangs out at and swims. Or, they can fish, hike, or whatever.




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