Pagan Holidays for April 5, 2010


Check out our Pagan Artist of the month Margaret Shaffer.

Ok, who’s ready for some Pagan Holidays? If you are, let’s take a look back in time and see what our Pagan Ancestors were celebrating…

Monday, April 5th



On our fabulous Moon-day, Rome will kick things off with the second day of their festival of Megalesia, which is in honor of their Mother Goddess named Cybele.

Lets not forget Fortuna, who shall make this day sacred also for her. Toss in the Nones of April and we have a full day ahead.

But hold on, don’t dare count Greece out, whom I have found through doing these love to rub stiff competition where Rome is concerned. Expect nothing less for they will be having their own festival in honor of Charites who you may have read about by the ever-so-popular name ‘The Three Grace’. Their names were: Euphrosyne–standing for joy, Thalia–standing for blooming, and Agiliaia–for radiance. Still unsure who these fabulous ladies are? Well they were also known to live with the Muses. . . inspiring artists, musicians, and poets.

Relationship and Inspiration

How do you understand friendship, parenting, relating to colleagues, dealing with family members, neighbours, people you dislike? Go further, how do you relate to the town you live in, the land you live upon, the food you eat and the clothes you wear?

Humans do not exist in isolation. Everything we do connects us to other living beings, to humans and non-human animals, to plants to the land, and (for some of us) the gods. Everything we do has implications for those who will come after us. Most of those relationships we don’t give much thought to. In practical terms it’s very hard to be that aware of everything we interact with, all the time – a person could go mad trying. However, that’s not an excuse.

Ignorance is very comfortable. If we don’t let ourselves think, we don’t have to risk being unsettled, challenged or upset. Thinking about our many relationships and their implications is frequently uncomfortable. Who made our clothes, and how does their standard of living compare to ours? Who did we glare at today? Who were we short with, unkind to? How many creatures died today because of our actions, or inaction?

That’s the downside.

But when we think, and pay attention, our scope for action radically improves. Aware of more of our many relationships, we can take control of them, and shape them in more honourable ways. No one is going to be perfect in all things, but the sense of triumph that comes from doing better is something to promote and celebrate.

To offer an example. I’m a freecycle-er – it’s all run through egroups and it’s international, see if there is a group near you! When I don’t want something, and there’s some scope for it being used, I offer it to my local group rather than sending to landfill (thus improving my relationship with the land). Some nice person comes and takes it away (thus improving my relationship with my local community) there’s a moment of human interaction. Or, I find something I need and pick it up from another, offering gratitude in return for the item. There’s pleasure to be had in the giving, and receiving, in keeping things out of landfill, saving total strangers money, making people smile. It feels useful. It feels good.

There are so many ways in which we can have better relationships, but it begins by casting aside assumption. We’ve learned mistrust, treating strangers as potential muggers and rapists rather than potential friends. Where there is contact, compassion, listening and gentle, positive action, relationships become rich, nourishing things. Where we invest in relationship (with anything) there is soul nourishment, and we give ourselves the opportunity to be inspired. At the same time, we can also inspire others.

Turn off the television. Go outside. Smile at someone you don’t know. Stop for someone. Make time for something you wouldn’t normally bother with. Life is connection, and connection is inspiration.