Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays


If you are a  Historian, lover of History, obsessed with Myths & Lore, or simply desiring to know more about Pagan Holidays or Ancient Cultures, then this just may be the column  for you.

Every daily article is filled with information concerning various places of ancient origin, such as Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon and more. Every day I try to include some special tidbit from various cultures like the long but never forgotten, Norse.

Not every culture celebrated something daily, but for those who did, I will list everything and anything I can find concerning them.

Please Note: My hope is to post “daily” but sometimes life gets in the way. I usually backtrack and fill in where I left off, though, when time permits. My goal is to have an entire year done so that these articles can be accessed again and again and again. Next year, when the Calendar is complete, who knows what else I’ll get into. *winks*

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Column: Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays

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Pagan Days, Calendar, & Holidays

Dear Readers,

I wanted to give you an update concerning The Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holiday Column. I have it up and going again. Sorry for my absence but when life calls in my world, it pulls a caveman– grabs me by the hair and drags me back to the cave threatening to feed me to the Raptors if I don’t give things my full attention. While I would love to dive back into writing full-time including my Blogs, unfortunately, it’s like wishing to win the lottery.  I know some of you found a way to juggle weekly paying Careers, Writing, Kids, Spouses, etc, but I unfortunately have not. Something gets sacrificed and while I’d be okay with that if it was just me, it’s not. It’s usually my responsibilities as a Mom, as a Wife, as a Caretaker to my mini-farm and my job — that actually allows me to pay a few bills here or there, lol.

When my oldest graduated High School and moved away, one of my biggest regrets was, how many hours did I rob from him trying to hammer out a novel, which would never pay for college or even the wear and tear of my computer? I have two more and I am trying to correct my guilt ridden mistake. You know Moms are always trying to improve ourselves.

That being said, while I haven’t given up on Writing or anything else, it has fallen at the bottom of my slush pile, of things to do only AFTER everything else is done. Well, EVERYTHING ELSE or that big list was at an all-time high these past few months and while I won’t go into After School Actitivites or how much I wanna scream when I see Paint Cans and Brushes, I will say, I have found away to buy some time to muster up the Calendar Column at least and get that all going again.

*Inserts the sounds of cheering in my own weary head.*

My goal for the Calendar is to get an entire Year completed so that next year, I can focus on other articles. All a reader has to do at any given time is move their mouse over the Menu to the left of us. Find the Month and the Day and then whalla! You have an Ancient Holiday. Over time, if there are any rituals or what not’s added, that too will be added like so….


This is the goal….

All that being said, sometimes Life, the Caveman, will drag me away but rest assured, I’ll be back until we can get an entire year lined up. And sometimes, it takes me a bit to arrange it on the menu, like the pic above…but I will…eventually.

Thanks for understanding….




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