Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays : December 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th



December 10th

Roman Festival Lux Mundi

Roman Ides of December

French Goddess named Liberty

Think statue of Liberty — when you think of the French Goddess named Liberty.


December 11th

Welsh Festival for Arianrhod

The daughter of Don, Arianrhod was said to have been present during the Count of King Math ao Mathonwy. The King was steeped in his traditions. One of them being his need of having a Virgin. The Virgin’s job was simple. Hold his feet in her lap when he was lucky enough to not be away at War.  Unfortunately, in this story, his regular foot-holding Virgin, Goewin, was raped by Gilfaethwy. To cover up her brother’s crime, Arianrhod agreed to take Goewin’s place. The problem was, she wasn’t a Virgin and the moment she stepped over the King’s magic wand to prove an non-existance state of virginity, she went right into labor giving birth to two sons.

The story leads to more sadness. She curses one of her sons who was then raised by another brother, named Gwydion.  The tale is thick with interest if you are ever looking to read a soap opera deep in Welsh lore.


December 12th

Welsh Day of Bellisama Dydd—for the Goddess Bellisama, who is Goddess of the forge. This should begin at sundown.


December 13th

Informal Roman Observance Bruma Day—Winter Solstice

Welsh festival of Lights called Gwyl o Golau

Egyptian God Thoth takes oath today

1/2 month of Jara Begins—means the union and completion between the spiritual and temporal elements



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