Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 17: Isis




That’s right, today in Ancient Egyptian Calendar, all of Egypt would have celebrated the birthday of the Goddess Isis. Known as the Goddess of a Thousand names and having a following that predates most other Gods/Goddesses, Isis protected Children, land, man, woman and beast.

She is truly a woman who can survive as much of her story is based on just that. Cunning and clever…a woman who managed to do one thing no other could do…trick Ra into telling her his secret name. Trained by Thoth, loved by Osiris, obsessed over by Set, not even the death of her husband beat her down. She managed to use her magic to bring him forth again so that Egypt would have an Heir.

Her stories are many and much of them found their way into the bible…even though her deeds were given to others and her name erased.

Still, Isis is a Goddess who can be admired by all and one who is whispered upon the lips of many Pagans even today.


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