The Lion Roared


I’m just sneaking this under the wire for my day at the blog… family issues came up and I’ve only just arrived home. Still, I wanted to get this story up for you all, and I certainly hope you enjoy it!

It has some disturbing and violent pieces, so I’m placing it behind a cut, if you’d rather not read a creepy-kid horror story… 😉
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Springtime? April Fool’s!


Now I’m not saying that it’s going to dump a foot of snow on anyone in the next 36 hours, but I am saying a large chunk of North America saw March come in with a lamb’s breath… and those of us ninnies that follow old wives’ tales like baby ducks know that means March is going to go out like a lion.

Here in southern Manitoba, the sky is clear, there is a nice breeze and most if not all of the snow has melted, leaving large puddles for the young ones to splash in. And it has been warm enough to splash without parkas! Sadly, my teenagers were splashing in the puddles so I know. All too well. Teenagers splashing in puddles are far more messy than toddlers, I’ve found.

Old wives’ tale or not, there does seem to be some truth behind it. March in the northern hemisphere has extremely changeable weather, it’s just common knowledge. I know of two old wives’ tales (besides the lamb and the lion) that my grandmother used to recite every year. It seems they play out, every year, too.

March winds bring April showers to help grow the young May flowers.

If it rains in March it will rain in June.

I know the origin of April Fool’s is not related to the Lamb/Lion tale, but really, how could one not see the correlation? Who doesn’t become relieved that winter is over, pack away the winter gear after weeks of sunshine and warmth, only to be fooled on April 1st (or thereabouts) by snow and ice? April Fools!

I’ll be back later today to share my Lion and Lamb story with you!

Jodi Lee is publisher and editor in chief of Belfire Press and The New Bedlam Project.

Vatican Cries Again

Oh I love a good scandal. As a writer, nothing gets my mouth wet and hungry for more then some damn good naughty stuff. However, I drew the line when the scandal concerning the hidden Sexual Abuse that the Catholic Churches were covering up some off years back came flying out into the open. Let’s admit –that wasn’t fun and juicy scandal-a-liscious but rather horrible and shocking.

By the way, my heart bleeds for those children…adults…victims.

But that happened ages ago right and should be over now…ya think? (note to self–it never ended, was never resolved, but keep reading.)

So now what has the Vatican’s robes all in a twist then? Same ol, same ol. Except now  the Pope is trying to dodge a lawsuit brought against them by those in Kentucky. What does Kentucky want? They want the damn Pope on the stand, that’s what, and I can’t say I blame them.

However and I shall quote, quote, quote:

Court documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press show that Vatican lawyers plan to argue that the pope has immunity as head of state, that American bishops who oversaw abusive priests weren’t employees of the Vatican, and that a 1962 document is not the “smoking gun” that provides proof of a cover-up.Source and more excuses, arguments, and so on.

Anyone else notice that after this (bleepin) scandal hit the fan that the Vatican, their Bishops, their Priests, their Popes just passed the blame from one so called clueless fool to the other? Like those who did work for them but didn’t work for them, from the laws on confidentiality, to the Priests who didn’t do it, to the Nuns who never knew it.

And no, this isn’t some Pagan’s attempt to attack the almighty church lol. But let’s face it folks…if the Cult of Pagan-hubba-hubba had done some sinful and unspeakable deeds to a bunch of innocent kids then every single one of them would be strung up and punished over it. Yet here we are dealing with title, money, power, and more importantly…religion…and yet this thing drags on and on and on and on.

For a recap of the past…basically what happened is so many years ago people started stepping forward admitting that this priest or that these priests from various Catholic Churches had sexually molested them as children. BUT instead of the church bringing charges or kicking the wolf in sheep’s clothing out of their sacred cloths and holier than thou collars—INSERT BIG FREAKIN COVER UP HERE–they simply hushed up the whole mess and sent those priests to a DIFFERENT church ………elsewhere….you know, in stranger and unsuspecting pastures.

Did the Priests stop? Did any of them stop?

Hell no.

What sick pedophile stops when they don’t have to fear the law? Instead of purging themselves of their sinful ways and at least tempting to make amends, they simply found NEW unsuspecting victims in NEW churches as the entire cycle just kept repeating.

However, in that lies the problem. The mighty and Powerful Vatican claims they had a communication problem and that no one told anyone anything. NO ONE knew anything, even though the morons passing the dirty priest off to another unknowing community had to know something in order to pass the buck, right? And who did they call to know what to do? And even if nothing was proven, although how could it be when every time it happened someone gave the ok to sweep it under the rug,  Even still, although…no one continued to know anything of nothing of something concerning whatever which never didn’t and couldn’t have ever happened.

*scratches head…what?* I smell a Oliver North—FALL GUYS.

You can click the source above and hear all the glorious excuses but my point is this and will always be…

Why is it still going on? And when are we going to stop shoving crap under the rug?

I don’t care who you are…I don’t care if your God has ordained you purer than the purist of pure! You are in a HUMAN body with NATURAL Human needs. Am I saying molesting a kid is a human need? Hell no. But maybe if we stop denying ones of their God given urges and convincing them to live a life no man or woman was ever meant to live, then maybe, just maybe, some of this sick crap will just fade to black.

Plan A–Treat the Priests to an all- you- can- romp- Hooker- fest in secret ….since we now know they can pass Pedophiles around in secret….surely they can have a hooker fest in secret.

Oh wait, that’s not a secret anymore, is it?

Ok then, plan B–

Call CNN and say God called and said let them sexually suppressed poor boys take a lustful wench as a wife then. That’s right. I said it. Let them men take wives/same sex husbands *gasps* and have a Honeymoon.

If God gave thee a willy then free willy with a consenting ADULT, damn it.

Will that stop the Pedophiles in collars? Probably not all of them–lets be realistic here and I am not a shrink nor do I understand why these criminals do what they do, but for those who still fall off the cliff of sick, quit hiding them—send their butts to jail, (or insert one of my twisted and sadistic punishments)!

Bottom line—Protect the kids…and not the damn Priests who are mentally mucked in the brains and not true Priests if they are doing these crimes. Make Jesus proud and stop being idiots about it.

Oh and watch the attacks of the Pope and those of the church against those who were victims….in the Victims WORDS HERE

Erykah Badu Causes All Hell to Break Lose When She Disrobes In Video

Who knew a video about Individualism, walking down the street while stripping away one’s clothes, and being shot in the same spot Kennedy was killed in order to send a message would cause so much controversy.


But anytime you have nudity and are giving a message that says anything other than what society wishes to accept, there is going to be trouble.


Unless you are Pagan and then you just don’t give a damn lol. So this Pagan gets it and respects the voice who sends it even if I am not a follower of her tunes. But after this, I might have to be.


And what was the message?


"Group think that’s like a form of thinking that causes you to bury what you really feel inside to please the group so you won’t be ostracized by the group," Badu told the Wall Street Journal. "It’s a comfort zone that we create for ourselves, and I go outside of that comfort zone."

As Badu’s body lies on the ground, (in the video) she speaks in a narrative voice to explain the message. "They play it safe. Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand," Badu says in the voiceover. "This is what we have become. Afraid to respect the individual." Source


To catch the video and read the hype go  to Erkah Badu’s web site. Here


The sad thing is, we do that. Society, all around the world, will crush what it refuses to understand. And that’s REFUSE since so many will not even listen or open their minds or simply say, "Hey, that’s cool if it works for you. Its not my thang, but its yours so I can respect that."

People who pass the kids who dresses differently in the mall—they gawk and stare and make fun of him. Those who look at a strange but shocking piece of art, flip completely out. Those who name or raise their children different are mocked, threatened, and sometimes even harassed. Those who live different lifestyles which harm no one else are sometimes…killed.

But a little nudity and a message is what is poisoning and harming us, right? lol I think some people missed the message.


C.H. Scarlett

Family Breakdown

Being related by blood doesn’t guarantee much. The accident of birth can place us amongst people we don’t like, can’t relate to, are unhappy with, or worse. For people who discover their pagan identity, when their families have a different path, that difference can prove insurmountable.

However, family, ancestors and duty are important values in paganism, and were much respected by our pagan ancestors of old. How do we tackle this when things go wrong?

Where issues of physical and psychological abuse are concerned, there’s not much to ponder. No one owes a duty of care to a person who has harmed, injured or mistreated them, no matter what the blood connection. However, for most people, the trials of family life create a far more grey and uncertain experience. No matter how our parents try, most folk do not escape from childhood unscathed – I suspect it’s just a part of the process. No one, and nothing is perfect, and the places things go wrong teach and shape us. How much of that teenage feeling of being misunderstood should we carry into adult life?

Perhaps the answer here is not to look out, but inwards. What do we need now, to flourish? Do we need to forgive, let go and move on? Do we need to step away from relatives because we find their attitudes poisonous? Do we need to challenge and teach the people who failed to teach us? There’s no one right answer here, but for any kind of relationship to work, you have to know what you want from it, and what you will give, and tolerate. Stepping back from blood family and acknowledging that you do not need their approval, understanding or recognition any more is incredibly liberating. Being an adult is about not needing to be so closely parented, and it means letting those relationships change. The power to do that lies in your own perceptions, even if blood relatives still insist on treating you like a child.

Each person has the right, the duty even, to set their own boundaries and define their relationships. Family can create unbalanced relationships where one party acts as though all the power and right lies with them. It is not something any other person needs to co-operate with. Sometimes, refusing to play the same game can make a lot of odds. Duty is not a one sided thing, it is part of a balanced relationship. Where there is no balance, there is (to my mind) no obligation. It must always be an option to identify any relationship as unworkable, and step away from it. If it means a relinquishing of responsibility, then that must be done with absolute care and honour.

We should not seek to own people, nor permit them to own us. If a family scenario is unworkable for some reason, if there is no fixing it, then there is no dishonour in acknowledging the situation. There should be no power without responsibility. No duty without some kind of reciprocation. No obligation without respect. We can show by doing, by living responsibly, with care and honour. That means not only being mindful of our own actions, but also not allowing those biologically closest to us, to treat us dishonourably.

Pagan Holidays for March 29, 30, 31, 2010


Well it’s time to finish up this month. So lets step back in time and see how our Ancient Pagan Ancestors were going to do it.


Monday March 29

Babylon would have held their grand and great festival for their Goddess Ishtar today. While biblical writers claim their God destroyed this great city because of it’s sin, I find them truly remarkable, colorful, interesting, and no less wonderful than every other Ancient civilization.

Ishtar seems to be a Goddess many a woman can relate to especially since her life was never dull. However, Ishtar represents a freedom of sexuality that many of our sisters should take notice too. She seemed to be one who knew exactly what she wanted, perusing lovers, catching them, and then tossing them away without a blink of an eye. (Go Ishtar!) Now i am not saying women should chew men up and spit them out, but they should be able to go where their hearts lead them….

Our society today (in 2010) would have had a heart attack I’m sure if any of its woman were to go through men the way Ishtar did. For those women who do…we salute you! Fly through those Lovers (safely) until you find the one you want! No shame in that!

In Greece, the great festival of Delphinia will be going down which honors Apollo.

Tuesday March 30

Babylon will have more celebrations today as it belongs to an Observance for their Goddess Bau. Bau’s name literally meant ‘bark’ and she was drawn or painted with the head of a dog. Married to Ninurta, she guided and protected physicians and healers.

Also in Babylon, today is Akitu, their New Year. The festival kicking it off will run on for twelve days.

The Runic half month of Ehwaz begins–representing the partnership between humans and nature. Lets hope some of that catches on.

Wednesday March 31

Good-bye March.


Rome will see march go with a festival for their Goddess Luna.

And Egypt will do the same with their Goddess Bastet.


C.H. Scarlett


Fur Babies and Familiars

People have lived with animals as companions for a very long time. Certain creatures, we accept into our households as additional family members. Owning a cat is an iconic witchy thing to do as well. If you have no children, or are living alone, a fur baby may seem a good alternative. They give warmth, companionship, affection, they make us feel better, provide an alternative to siblings, create laughter and bring joy.

Why is it that we (as a culture) prioritise some creatures while giving so little regard to others? In Living with Honour Emma Restall Orr points out – “…for the vast majority, the incredible hypocrisy of choosing to care deeply for a dog, while eating bacon without a moment’s consideration for the pig (a generally more intelligent creature who has suffered a life of traumatic abuse), is not only rampant in our society, but perceived to be rational and acceptable.”

In many ways our attitude to animals reflects how we relate to other humans. We choose who is inside the clan, the family, and who is ‘other’ and therefore ok to exploit, eat, etc. It may be part of human nature to be clannish, to distinguish ‘us’ from ‘them’ and have different rules accordingly. That doesn’t mean it’s a thing to celebrate. Looking at how, if and why we relate to some animals as family, and others not, can teach us a lot about our own values.

Keeping pets and raising creatures to eat has environmental impact. There’s a New Scientist  here- about the impact pet keeping has. Anyone concerned about carbon footprints needs to also think about the impact of creatures they keep, or who are kept on their behalf. Cats are a disaster for wildlife. Whether hungry or not, many of them hunt, doing horrendous damage to rodent and bird populations. It may be in the nature of cats to hunt, but we keep them in a density that is far from natural, and they deplete the species around them. Animals kept as pets, in cages, for amusement, as living toys… can be ethically uncomfortable too. I write as someone who has kept hamsters. It takes work and imagination to give a caged animal a decent standard of living. Children should not, I think, be given animals as toys.

I keep a cat – he doesn’t hunt, so far as I can tell – he doesn’t go out much and is lazy. He’s taught my child about sharing, and respect, and the effects of pointy paws. These have been good lessons. He sleeps on my bed and I am glad of his presence. I’ve lived with cats who savaged the wildlife. I couldn’t do that again. I would not have taken this cat on had I not been assured that he doesn’t hunt.

As with all other aspects of life, the keeping with animals needs thought and consideration. There’s scope to do it well, or to do it very badly indeed. So much of what is wrong in the world stems from people acting without thought, serving their own immediate desires with little care for long term impact on themselves, much less anything else. How we make our families, who (furry or otherwise) we choose to include, and how we handle that, is of vast importance in terms of how we shape the future for everything that will live in it.