Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 15

Today is the 2nd festival of Carmentalia which is Italy’s ancient Goddess of Prophecy. Also today is Egypt’s Feats of Entering Heaven and the Two lands.




Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 13

Midvintersblót is a Norse rite which is all about the midwinter offering. In old England and vast parts of Europe, its title is Tiegunde Day. This day is all about Tu—the mightiest and strongest of Teutonic gods (the name Tuesdays also comes from). Now just what did the Norse and everyone else do on this day? Why, they adjured the gods to let go of Winter and allow Spring to return again to the world.

Today the Runic Half-Month of Peorth Begins. Today is also known as the Ides of January, thanks to Rome and its also the Feast of Brewing amongst the Druid Traditions.


Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 12th

Leave it to the Romans to have a God for everything—including the household. Today is called the Festival of Compitalia in honor of the Gods named Lares. Strangely enough, these ‘Gods’ were actually spirits of the dead (dead ancestors, family members) who remain in the home of the family bringing blessings and protecting them. At one time it was customary to leave a plate for them in the morning and even today, we see this habit practiced by many in our times (not limited to morning meals though).


If you were one of the women who ditched the spinning wheel for Yule, then today you can pick it up again. Today is Distaff’s Day (taken after the Norse holiday I posted last week)

Speaking of the Norse, today they make sacred to Frigg who is a wife of Odin. Frigg happens to be the Goddess of the sky and even more interesting—knows our future. So if you have any divine questions concerning humanity and our fate—today would be a good day to light a candle and ask them.

Frigg also represents and stands for women and child bearing, as well as marriage. She is known for being very clever as well…being able to persuade Odin into deciding things in her favor.



New Group on Facebook

We have a new Group on Facebook. I’m hoping this helps those who are continuously commenting and discussing certain articles here by giving you a new stomping ground over there. The commenting section on WordPress can be challenging at times. Unfortunately, the Page we have at Facebook is also challenging at times for me, personally, especially when articles do not post as they should.

So, let’s see how this goes. Give me time to get everything running right, but for now, please join and spread the word. Thanks so much!

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New Pagan books for January 2017

Here are the latest books we’re aware of that are likely to appeal to Pagan readers. These are not reviews, information is taken from author and publisher websites.

The Long Woman,  by Kevan Manwaring.

Fiction. An antiquarian’s widow discovers her husband’s lost journals and sets out on a journey of remembrance across 1920s England and France, retracing his steps in search of healing and independence. Along alignments of place and memory she meets mystic Dion Fortune, ley-line pioneer Alfred Watkins, and a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle obsessed with the Cottingley Fairies. From Glastonbury to Carnac, she visits the ancient sites that obsessed her husband and, tested by both earthly and unearthly forces, she discovers a power within herself.

Buy the book on Amazon.


Pagan Portals – Merlin: Once and Future Wizard, by Elen Sentier

Bestselling author Elen Sentier looks at Merlin in history and mythology and considers his continuing relevance for people today. Best known as the wizard from the Arthurian stories, Merlin has been written about for well over 1000 years and is considered to be both a magical and historical figure. Over the centuries many people have had relationships with Merlin and in this book the author brings him to life for us once again in yet another way and from yet another perspective.




A Dance with Hermes, by Lindsay Clarke

Poetry. In a verse sequence that swoops between wit and ancient wisdom, between the mystical and the mischievous, award-winning novelist Lindsay Clarke elucidates the trickster nature of Hermes, the messenger god of imagination, language, dreams, travel, theft, tweets, and trading floors, who is also the presiding deity of alchemy and the guide of souls into the otherworld. Taking a fresh look at some classical myths, this vivacious dance with Hermes choreographs ways in which, as an archetype of the poetic basis of mind, the sometimes disreputable god remains as provocative as ever in a world that worries – among other things – about losing its iPhone, what happens after death, online scams, and the perplexing condition of its soul.

Buy on Amazon.


Pagan Portals – Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, by Morgan Daimler

A concise guide to the Gods and Goddesses of pagan Ireland, their history, mythology, and symbols. Rooted in the past but still active in the world today, the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland have always been powerful forces that can bless or challenge, but often the most difficult thing is to simply find information about them. This short introductory text looks at a variety of different Irish deities, common and more obscure, from their ancient roots to the modern practices associated with honoring them in, an encyclopedia-style book with entries in easy-to-use sections.




The Heart of the Goddess: A Handbook for Living Soulfully, by Nikki Starcat Shields

We all know that our society’s old ways aren’t working. Racism, sexism, violence, environmental destruction, and violence are the warped legacy of the patriarchy. It’s time to reconnect with the values of the Feminine Divine – compassion, creative expression, holistic health, intuition, respect for diversity, communion with Nature, spiritual connection, and collaboration.
A grand new awakening is taking place. The Earth is calling us home, and those of us who hear Her voice are Her priestesses and conscious co-creators. We are embarking on an epic journey to a place of balance, where the qualities of the Feminine Divine re-emerge into this world. By surrendering our attachment to control and power-over, we can learn to live soulfully, even in a world gone mad.

Buy it on Amazon 

Reader Looking For Some Paranormal Opinions

Recently, Peter Signorelli, posted to The Pagan & Pen Facebook Page hoping for Viewer opinions concerning a Paranormal Phenomena he has experienced.  Below, I have posted his pictures and pasted his own words. Please comment if you have opinions, suggestions or replies.


Peter Signorelli, : Would be curious what you all make of this photo. Some background: this is on the lower shelf of a night table about 3 inches from the bed. The imprint is in dust and the lighter was placed there by me for scale. This (whatever it is) is only a few inches by a few inches. Please observe and think about what an actual imprint of a human "foot" would look like …notice the "big toe". This stayed for several months and never collected dust…except for around it.



He asked that we post this picture for comparison…..




Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 10

It is on this day in Ancient Egypt that Isis found the murdered face of her husband Osiris.

Osiris was murdered by his brother Set or Seth, and 72 Conspirators, according to mythology. Once Set killed him, he divided his body up and hid it in different places. One of the hardest things Isis had to do was to hunt for her husbands corpse, locating all pieces, and putting him back together again. She did this but was unable to find his penis. Making one out of clay, she managed to bring Osiris back to life with her magic in order to impregnate herself with his son…heir to Egypt…Horus.


In Welsh history, today is sacred to a 9th-century bard Garaint, also known as the blue bard of Wales.

Immortalized by Chaucer who wrote about him 500 years later, Garaint became a mythic figure who was said to have died in the last battle of King Author.


Also on this day of Egypt….the god Min will return again to Koptos—that being the main point of his cult.

Min was once portrayed with an erect phallus with an outstretched arm inserted into a ‘V’ of a flail. He was a fertility God and unlike later gods and goddesses, his only importance is that…sexual fertility….as he can give men the power to father children.




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