Pagan Holiday for April 28, 2010

Art by Wild Heart Free Soul @

The Numerology number for today is 8

Eight is an extremely powerful number. It is linked to the material world, destiny and infinity. It is associated with the planet Saturn, the sign of Capricorn and dark colors such as charcoal gray and black.


One of the worst mistakes one can make is to count Rome out for the week. I have found that even if days pass without a word from Rome, well that’s only because they are about to throw down a big one. So let today be considered no different because our Ancient Urban Pagan Ancestors are kicking off a Festival of Floralia which will go on for six days. The next six days will be all about their Goddess Flora who represents flowers and the pleasures of absolute youth. Now, if we were to jump the fence and fly back in time, we’d find that the women would wear their best seductive clothes and men would actually be wearing tons of flowers. Not only would today be a free sexual license to experiment, but it would also be filled with games, flirty and erotic theater, etc.

Now while the Romans are active with all sorts of adventurous lust, the Celts will be doing something a bit more sacred. Today belongs to their God Lludd, who is all about Healing.

Now, gather around the fire kiddies for another bit of history. For once, long, long ago the Father of all Gods Lludd lost his hand and the ability to work his limbs in a mighty battle. Afterwards, a devoted Smith named Gofannon created him a new one made of beautiful silver but even with a new hand, he still needed time to heal what was broken.

Now in time, Lludd was able to regain the use of his limbs, but alas, for whatever reason he was not able to rule the Gods any longer. So he stepped aside, let a new God take his place, but never lost the people’s love of him.

In fact, the city which is now named London, was named after him–Lludd-dun. So for those Pagans who travel there, speak the city’s name now with new meaning.



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