Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 4th: Good-Bye Tinne & the Scottish Loch mo Naire

The Celtic Tree Month of Tinne comes to an end today. If you missed that Chapter in our daily Calendar, here’s a rundown…

The Celtic Tree month of Tinne begins today. Tinne, or Holly, rules over the Realm of Winter. We leave the Realm of Light (Oak/Duir) and begin to enter a darker half of the year.

Tinne begins July 8th and will last until August 4th. This is a time of protection, luck, and prophetic dreams. Bring a Holly Branch inside the home so that all the tree spirits know they are welcome. Plant Holly outside your home and the Holly King shall protect you from evil.

The Holly King and the Oak King are brothers– age old enemies of Light and Dark– neither wishing to fade so that the other may take the throne. But there is a respect there, of seasons and of rebirth, for as one leaves, they shall return again. Neither is ever gone for good.

Now, onto new things…. today in Ancient History is Loch mo Naire. This happens to be a tradition belonging to Scotland in a place called, Strethnavon.

It is said that anyone who bathes in the Lake of Serpents or drinks from it’s waters will become alive with magical properties. The Serpent, according to the Celts, was the guardian of the waters.

Legend has it, a Celtic Priestess had in her possession powerful crystals. When she held them in the waters of the Loch, the water was transformed into a cure for any disease or wound. In fact, the waters could even erase the hands of time as far as unwanted aging goes.

Unfortunately, not all property can be respected before someone wants to own it themselves. Such can be said for a man suffering from illness  who was of the Gordon Clan. With ill intent, he set out to steal the crystals.

Sensing he wished her harm, the Priestess fled and went on the run but the Gordon was hot on her heels. The Priestess finally bit the bullet accepting she couldn’t run forever and he wasn’t about to give up. In one last effort to protect what was hers, she tossed the crystals into the Loch mo Naire.

She wasn’t done, though. With a curse, she proclaimed that the waters would heal anyone with need of it except …the Gordon.

And to think, all he had to do was play nice and ask—not set out to take the power for himself and to do harm.

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