Modern Minoan Paganism

Modern Minoan Paganism is a Monthly Column with Extras. That means, once a month, you will get an article written by Laura Perry and when she is inspired, you may get some extras.

So, what this *new* Column is all about?

Walk the sacred labyrinth with Ariadne, loving goddess of ancient Crete who lives on in the hearts and minds of the modern world. This is not a reconstructionist tradition, but a journey of modern Pagans in relationship with Minoan deities in the contemporary world. Ariadne’s thread reaches across the millennia to connect us with the divine. Will you follow where it leads?


Who is Laura Perry?

Laura Perry is a Pagan artist and storyteller with a special interest in ancient cultures and spirituality. To her, the world is alive with myth and magic that are just longing to be expressed in writing and art. In addition to her Pagan non-fiction and mystical adventure fiction books, Laura teaches an online course in Minoan Paganism and has designed a Minoan-themed Tarot deck.

Where can I find her work?


All past and future articles will be categorized here, under, Column: Modern Minoan Paganism (Link coming soon)

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