The Genealogy of Angels

A while back, I posted an article here called Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides, which brushed the edges of subjects known as Angels. With the feedback and my own theories of study, I decided to share what I had and to attempt looking deeper. While most people believe Angels are a Christian term, the creation ‘of’ is not. It seems that every culture prior or during, had their own versions.

So, taking a look at those now,(or some) we can do something of a genealogical trace concerning “Angels’.

Brief overview: While Christian views concerning Angels and what they might be or might look like, varies, according to other religions, they weren’t always celestial beings of vast light serving God with purity (or what we have come to believe as pure). And while we have such stories concerning the Fallen which places them at the helm of God’s punishment for ‘loving humans’, beliefs prior to that had them doing nothing but…

Other Cultures:

Apsaras The Hindu had their own version called Apsaras. The Apsaras didn’t have a thing to do with divine miracles or being the messengers of an out-of-reach God, but instead were all about sexual bliss. And mind you, in those days sex was a sacred thing, not the shameful sin it became in later times. The Apsaras granted such (sexual and orgasmic bliss upon those who were deemed ‘blessed’.

Amazingly, the Hindu angels main talent and gift was lovemaking. And they were considered the ‘perfect’ lovemakers at that.  They did not tire out, lose energy or release bodily fluids of any kind. They could not get pregnant, could not give birth, nurse, nor had the pesky once- a- month–menstruation. Even after all this,though, they were shown, at times, as mothers. However their children just appeared on their laps at or around the age of five. These beings were considered perfect, and were known as ‘Dispensers of Joy.’

Valkyries-wallpaper3d1280x768-m Vikings had their form of Angels called Valkyries. In short, since this will be too long of an article if I cover each one in depth, but Valkeries would watch over the battlefields waiting for brave warriors to die. When they did, they would fly down and carry them off to the Halls of Valhalla where Odin awaited. Earlier images suggest that the Valkeries were Amazonian like Priestesses who guarded the Gates of Death. They symbolized devouring those who died in order to give them renewed life. (Your basic destroyer/rebirth Goddess tale)

S058 The Greek version of Angel was called Horae. The Horae were sacred Nymphs of the Goddess Aphrodite. They were famous for the Dances of Hours. They were also known to be the midwives of the Gods and the inspiration for the human version of sacred Horae (sacred priestesses also known as harlots)

The Persian version of Angel were called Houris or Houri or Peris. Again, these were sexual angels–heavenly Nymphs, which were also the same as the Babylonian’s Harine, Semite–Harlot. The Persian version, Houris, were known as dancing Ladies of the Hour. They were the keepers of time in Heaven and tended those there called star-souls.


In ancient times, the Shakti were known as many things but one of which was an Angel or spirit-wife, in which  each person had. Once the person died, though, the Shakti came down from the heavens, took the man or woman into their arms, wrapping them up in their rapturous embrace at the exact moment of death.

So with all this information being said, and given the habits of biblical writers who seemed to pen the opposite or interpret certain subjects as a lesson to steer believers away from a popular idea or practice….then perhaps there was a reason behind the Fallen Angel myth, after all.

I will admit, it was a hard one for me to figure out, until now. However, since the story goes that these Angels fell in love and had children with humans…then maybe it was to conteract the popular belief that Angels (in every ancient culture before) were allowed to have sexual relationships and or were the very essence of????? So for any mortal man or woman who believed this or desired to be with their ‘angel’ they would begin to fear the idea, and the wrath of this new God.

It is just a thought…for every story has a purpose and reason…

Here’s hoping you draw your own theories and conclusions and share.




The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

by Barbara G. Walker



Moonlight Bathing Valkyries: Gods and Heroes series by George Grie

Shakti image



9 thoughts on “The Genealogy of Angels”

  1. That was a great collection of information. I had heard of many of the groups you mentioned, but never made the angelic connection before. What a great connection!


    1. This is like my favorite of all things to do…tracing names, subjects, etc. Some people do family/bloodlines, I get a kick out of gods. goddesses, mythology, etc.


  2. Okay, angels are far less freaky now. Interesting etymology for ‘harlot’ though. Sounds like the premise to a hot read. Heavenly Pleasures (see P&P reviews) explored the concept of a sexual/sensual angel as well.


  3. lol @ hot read. It sure would, wouldn’t it?

    I have more info on Harlot, I will print up soon. So many words meant something very different in Ancient times…such as virgin, prostitute, etc.


  4. I’d be interested to know that stuff. I could probably look it up, but I haven’t the time. It’s so much nicer when other people do it ; )


    1. Next Free for All is the 18th…will see what I can cook up.
      If you get the cash, buy the book:

      The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

      by Barbara G. Walker

      I get a lot of my info from that. Of course, the internet helps LOADS now days too…but that book saves me TONS of time.

      Lots of resources, in case I want to track deeper, or lots of tastes giving me just enough bait to go searching for more. Sometimes there is nothing to look into, though, as she does an awesome job filling in the blanks.

      I recommend that book to EVERYONE, every chance I get. It catches heat in many circles as loads of ‘historians’ love to debate it, but whenever you go against the grain, in my opinion, there will always be someone there arguing you.

      Still, I believe everyone should own it and that Barbara G. Walkers should get a Pulitzer prize for it. The amount of work it took to write it, makes me sleepy.

      Of course I am sleepy…and I need to go wake up the kids as we have a lot of activities to do. Have a great one!


  5. CH,

    I explore the idea of fallen angels in my trilogy the Fallen Angel series. The subplot of my novels is that the most precious gift humanity is given is choice/free will. The angels in my novels are devoted to the ultimate “angel” an increadible being of light known only as The Loved. Although I rely on angelic mythology (Catholicism among other biblical myths to be exact) I do not attribute religion to them.

    My thought has always been (after being exposed to various aspects of Christianity as a child in search of Spirit) if we humans were made in God’s image then God is as multifaceted and as mutable and ever changing, growing, and expanding as we are. So what if an angel has become so attached to a human soul that it questions its very existence once that human soul chooses to re-enter The Wheel of Life and reincarnate. In the world I have created in my novels, there is a singular difference between an angelic soul and a human soul and it’s that very precious gift my angel is willing to release in order to be with the human soul who has chosen to be re-born.

    The conflict comes when the Archangel Uriel (ultimate judge of all humanity at the end times, according to legend) vehemently disagrees with the hero’s choice and in so doing complains to The Loved, who thereby gives Uriel choice as well and casts him down, in the body of a human woman. Uriel now must adjust to his humanity as a female and in so doing, learns a few lessons her/himself.



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