Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 3: An Opinion of Loki, Egyptian Star, Athena, Welsh Maiden, Mother & Crone

Cerridwen belongs to the Welsh. She represents all three sacred aspects of the Goddess. Maiden, Mother and Crone. Her home is an island located in the Lake Regid. She happens to be the step-mother to Gwlon, who became the Druid vard Talliesin. Today is sacred to her in our Ancient Calendar.

Athena gets her own festival in Ancient Greece today.

All hail and honor Sopdet, the Egyptian Goddess of the Dog Star. This was the time of year the Nile flooded, giving life to all. Ahead in the horizon, eyes could gaze upon the sacred Dog Star just as Dawn yawned and stretched her light over the world below.

In fact, call this time, Dog Days, for many Ancient Cultures would. Sirius, known as the Dog Star, was given credit by Egyptians but also, the Norse credited Loki as well. One Culture being seen in another far and wide.

Loki is a controversial God and very misunderstood in my opinion. Mythical experts branded him as an untrustworthy trickster – being absolutely no good– wishing the destruction of all.

Loki was neither here nor there. He wasn’t considered good nor bad. He didn’t claim one or the other no more than he attempted to tip the scale either way. He simply just was.

Clever, yes, as he was known to trick men or gods to get what he wanted.


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