Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 5th: Earth’s Orbit, Rome Throws Down, & Some Egyptian Ma’at

In many Ancient Calendars, today was actually Old Midsummer’s Day. Ancient or not, the earth, interestingly enough will be the farthest ever on its entire orbit from the sun. Pretty cool, hu?

Now just to make it all the sweeter, Rome would be having two festivals today. It was called Poplifugium, and it was all about history for them. Way back when, Rome was defeated by the Gaul, and unfortunately because of it, were ordered to hand over a big portion of their women. (Sucks to be a woman, sheesh.) Unfortunately, it didn’t suck as much for the ladies of Rome as it did for their slaves. Some Roman gal named Tutula threw the idea of slaves dressing up as the Noble women of Rome and guess how long it took for those ladies of upper-class to throw their poor slave girls out there?

While the Slave women of Rome had to endure their share of hardships, in this one particular case, they had to endure some more.

Ordered to go into the enemy camps of Gaul and get the soldiers drunk, they did. Then after Tutula climbed a tree with a torch giving Roman Soldiers the signal,  Romans marched in and threw down on Gaul. Now, I wonder if those slave women were set free afterwards, or if they were sent back to serving their Ladies and Masters AFTER saving their royal butts?  Doubt it.  While I dig Ancient Cultures, some of their habits just, well, turns my stomach.

Any who…today is also sacred to Ma’at of Egypt, who will join Thoth and Ra on this day and ride across the skies in the sun boat!


5 thoughts on “Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 5th: Earth’s Orbit, Rome Throws Down, & Some Egyptian Ma’at”

  1. The soldiers most likely didn’t take too much time to differentiate between friends and enemies when they stormed the camp, so lot of slaves probably died or worse. Plus, slaves in Roman times were a little different from American slaves. Americans were the first to base slavery on ethnicity or skin color. Roman slaves were from all over. They could work outside of the home and, in most cases, keep their pay. Many could earn or buy their freedom. Also, slaves weren’t treated any worse than regular servants. The Romans were pretty good about treating everybody equally bad. They didn’t place a high value on human life. They had their good points, too.


  2. Hi darling, did you know that because of an increase of axis wobble the surface of the tectonic plate that we are living on is now in constant motion. The best time to observe this is at night. I live on the west coast, and at around (2:15 AM-4:00 AM) when watching the stars, one will notice that not just one star is moving. But all of the stars are moving together in short busts in all different directions together. ( They really are not doing this, it`s the planet wobbling on its axis) Anyway this is a process that is caused by a geomagnetic instability in the orbit around our sun and the positioning of Jupiter. As we pass between Jupiter and the sun, the magnetic fields of both the sun and Jupiter are pulling the earth off it`s axis and creating this wobble. This is on an increase and is causing more than earthquakes, it is for all intent and purpose the beginning of the change of our planet as “WE” know it.


  3. Darlin,when first starting to observe this movement. The best way is to look straight up at the brightest star that you see. Relax your viewing of these stars and you will see this movement occur. Then watch other stars at the same time, and “YOU” will see that their all moving in the same direction. When this movement is observed, the direction of the wobble off the planet is in the opposite direction. When “YOU” become aware of what “YOU” are seeing. You will be able to see this movement of the ground that your standing on and everything that is around you. Fix “YOUR” eye`s on some thing close and watch every thing past that position , and you might see some movement off the surrounding area.


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