Ancients Lore Concerning Shadow People


Egyptians called the shadow khaibut. The Egyptians believed that the khaibut was one of seven souls that each person had.

The Roman word for shadow was umbra, also meaning ‘the shade’ or the ghost of an individual who went to a place called the Land of Shades. The land of Shades was believed to be underground or part of an Underworld and after the person died, their shadow went there. In Greece, people were known to dedicate their shadows or give them over to a God such as Zeus. This was considered to be a marvelous sacrifice but at the same time or later on, fearsome. For instance, it was believed  that if a person went to the temple or sanctuary of Zeus Lycaeus, they would lose their shadows. For those who do not know, Lycaeus was believed to be the origin of Werewolves and from this particular story, maybe some of the lore concerning werewolves became born. In medieval times, werewolves and vampires were a phenomena that said that anyone cursed this way, lacked a shadow or reflection. They lacked soul.

Also in medieval times, cornering a witch and proving her to be one, the shadow played a big part. If someone sold their soul to the devil then they had no shadow—hence shadow being linked with the soul again. In Europe, people believed that the shadow beings desired blood and without it, couldn’t be reborn. Superstitions and fear spread like the black plague concerning a person’s shadow. People refused to let their shadows fall on graves, a rumbling river or near a cliff.

In biblical times, curses were spoken on a person’s shadow. For example in Numbers 14:9 –“Their shadow is departed from them.” Saying something like that meant undeniable doom and was the lowest of low. I gather that in today’s times, it would be worse than throwing shoes.

Now kicking aside the superstitious fear concerning the shadow, according to Pagans and those before them, in ancient times…a person who did not have a shadow was NOT a demon, a vampire, a werewolf or someone who had given their soul over to any devil.

They were believed to have went into some sort of eternal bliss.

Plutarch said, “At the end of the world, the blessed ones would be happy forever. In a state neither needing food nor casting a shadow.”

So if we take into consideration what the Ancients believed concerning ‘Shadows, Shadow sightings and people’, is it safe to say that the Shadow experience you have had, is indeed a spirit or ghost or someone who has passed on to the other side? Maybe, but then again I have to personally wonder…why are so many sightings the same? Why is the image that we see of the Shadow person always a common one? Is it that all dead people wear hats, or cloaks or are seen staring at the floor? Why are the shadows able to take full form or any form—animal, creature, man, while other dead people can only become orbs or when they take actual form, look like an actual person?

Where are the Shadow women?  Not one person I have interviewed, have I heard or read any reports concerning a Shadow person looking like a woman. I have read and heard of small shadow figures being no bigger than a child but people do not connect them with actual children. it is only the size that they are compared to verses the others who can be up to seven feet or more in height. No women…unless you listen to the incredible but draining stories of sex that some seem to link with the succubus and incubus theories. With respect, those aren’t enough to me. There aren’t enough of them being told on or off the internet. So there doesn’t seem to be any pattern there for me except maybe someone is having some awesome dreams and the rest of us should be simply jealous lol.

If the Shadow beings are ‘Watchers’ then does this make them some sort of guardian? And why do some attack or is it like Carry said, it was her own fear doing this to her. If they are Watchers, then what are they watching? Surely they know more than we do. Is there a reason some see them and others do not? The ones who see them, do they have a link or connection to these beings while others may have a connection to some other paranormal type thing? I know it has nothing to do with open mindedness. I have interviewed to many people that had no knowledge and or belief in them. It just started to happen and that’s when they started looking for answers. Some incidents start happening when people are children while others happened as adults.

I think we will need to look more into the Underworld or Land of Shades, which again means there will be more parts to this subject. We also have to look into the lore of the Spider and try to help people figure out what that is that they are seeing. Like the shadow people, there are very few stories out there but even less concerning the spiders. The only answers that these people are finding is that either they are crazy, dreaming or it is being confused with some spiritual symbolism or dream analysis. These people like my friend Carry know that this is not a dream. So pretty soon we will explore that one and I am sure we will touch base with some of our previous subjects as well.

20 thoughts on “Ancients Lore Concerning Shadow People”

  1. I have only very recently started researching shadow people. There was a really good documentary on sleep paralysis and shadow people. The stories are almost identical and as I started reading the sightings go way back. Another common trait is being associated with evil spirits,fear.

    I think the shadow people are some kind of domonic entity. What they want I couldn’t say . Why they don’t seem as aggressive as other demonic beings I have no idea either but I think there is no doubt they have a demonic nature.


  2. I am a 73 year old lady who has been see’ing plate size spiders in her bedroom every night when just getting into bed (So fully awake). The spirits of two deceased pets sleep on my bed and the spiders started to appear not long after the pets arrived. I often feel pin prick sensations in my legs only to see one or more of theses spiders on the spot where i felt it. If i put a light on most vanish but the ones that remain become translucent and are still active. My optician tells me that my eyes are healthy so no joy there. I am very nervous about going to bed these days and especially as there appears to be little or no explanation about them available .


  3. I’m wondering, with anyone else, where specifically did they see this shadowman?
    I’ve only seen him once, both during a brief period of sleep paralysis, both sleeping in a new place, both standing in a doorway, and both during the same year.


  4. I just wanted to share I have been seeing shadow people since I was a small child the hat man used to watch me sleep I also have seen a bald Egyptian and in addition a woman though she is very different while the males are darker than darkness itself she is not. Also she came for the male Egyptian looking one not for me. Wondering if anyone else has seen her. She has long hair weird looking tattoos on her arms she appears more like a black and white movie than a shadow which I think is from the strange markings on her arms because they glow with a blue light. Everyone that has experienced shadow people know they leave you with a feeling a feeling that gives you a sense of their intentions she appears to be some kind of warrior. Someone besides me must have seen her.


  5. I am a 26 years old and curious on this because of how long its been going on so a quick response would be awesome. I was raised in a religious home father Christian mother a Baptist. This being said ive dabbled in Christian, Baptist, Pentecost, Methodist, read a little of the Muslim bible, and ive been to Catholic churches not to mention ive dabbled in Greek and Norse mythology before finding my faith to be pagan. Ive been seeing a female shadow since I was 13 years old the first time I saw her she was at my bed side standing just out of reach. she never speaks and always remains just inches from my hand if that makes any since. she seems to always pops up Durning times of change either in me or my life ive never been harmed or dreamt about her or had bad luck after she appears but she never stays long. its always a quick out the corner of my eye or I blink and she vanishes. As a pagan I understand deities but have not sought to connect with one being 3 years deep into this religion Im curious on weather shes been calling to me in a since but never knew for what so im curious on what it is im missing . ishe is roughly 5’4″ maybe 5′ 6″ and id say she was average build but Ive never seen her face nor the details of her clothing.


  6. I’ve been having sleep paralysis for about 7 are 8 years now I’ve seen the hat man 1 time and the plain shadow people too many times. And there is woman that wears a Cape hoodie type deal just like u no hatman is man some how I know she is woman. I invoke jesus and god and they leave. They feed off fear I believe people think its dream but your wide wake stuck and they just staring at u.


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