Pagan Holidays for May 12, 2010


Another lovely piece from one of my favorite Artists Ana Cruz

On this day in Ancient History we have a little of the old and a farewell…

The Celtics are gonna hit us twice. First, today was once their Observance of Beltane according to their old but very cool calendar. And second, we say good bye to the Tree Month of Saille.


Wednesday is the day of Woden.

Woden is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, & war.

Some believe Woden is also Odin—God of the Norse.

Matters & Magical Workings For Wednesday

Today is a good day to deal with matters or rituals and spells concerning anything business. Or perhaps some sort of communication. Maybe debt—something we all have these days, or what about  fear and or possibly loss? Matters or magic concerning money, or work, some type of travel. And then there’s education.

Planets and Elements

Mercury and the element Air




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