Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 9: The Viking’s Sigurdsblót & The Celtic Tree Huath

How many fans do we have here that are following, The History Channel’s show, The Vikings? If you have, then the following names may sound very familiar as we take a look at our Ancient Calendar at who was celebrating what on June 9th, so very long ago.

Norse history remembers and gives a Festival to, Sigurd, the son of, Sigmund.

Sigmund happened to die in a battle with Odin. His son, Sigurd, though, took his father’s shattered sword used in that battle and killed the Dragon called, Fafnir. After drinking the Dragon’s blood, Sigurd, inherited the power of wisdom.

Now, even though Odin and Sigmund were sworn enemies, Odin actually came to Sigurd many times in different disguises attempting to guide him on his destiny.

Ancient Calendar & Present Day Pagan Holiday

The Celtic Tree Month of Huath Ends today. Also known as Hawthorn, this tree was connected to the Fae.


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