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You can find all of the Ancient Calendar Articles concerning July already posted. This page is simply being set up to better organize those Articles. Something like an Index or Table of Contents — hoping to make things easier for our readers to find!

Casey Harris

 July 1: Rest in Peace

 July 2: Feast of Expectant Mothers

 July 3: An Opinion of Loki, Egyptian Star, Athena, Welsh Maiden, Mother & Crone

 July 4: Concordia & Pax

:July 5th: Earth’s Orbit, Rome Throws Down, & Some Egyptian Ma’at

 July 6th: A Tale of Two Religions

 July 7: A Slave Saves Rome & a Farewell to Duir

 July 8: A New Celtic Tree Month Begins

 July 9: The Greater Panathenæa and Rome’s Fire

 July 10: The Truth of Lady Godiva & A little of the Norse

 July 11: A Vegetarian Goddess, Cronus Rises & Falls & a New Goddess Month Begins



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