I’m going to be blogging through this month about inspiration – hopefully other folk will too, as we have two themes on the go – this, and coming out stories. By ‘inspiration’ I don’t just mean the ideas for stories. I think the word conjures images of artists, composers, and authors. You might think of it in connection with scientists, and religious leaders too. Perhaps inspiration is a quality you feel leaders should posses. I wouldn’t argue with any of that. I would add that creativity and inspiration should be part of everyone’s lives.

Inspiration is a rush, full of excitement, wonder and possibility. It enables the making of new things. That rich potential can be brought into any part of life – into relationships, homemaking, cooking, gardening, shopping, it can 9and I think should) be an underpinning for lifestyle. Lives should not be bought ready made in boxes, lifted from the pages of glossy magazines or imbibed from television programs. As a culture, I think we’ve become far too willing to be told how to live, what we should want, how we should dress, where we should shop, and who we should be. That way of living serves the people who want to sell us things with no inherent value and make us believe we need them by labelling said as fashionable and essential.

There’s a reciprocal relationship between inspiration, action and the feedback that brings. Have the idea to cook a fab meal. Make that gorgeous meal from scratch. Eat it, love it, share it with others who love it and have the wit to say so. Feel nourished and fulfilled, both by the meal and the response to it. And so you feel more able, more powerful, more inclined to do it again.

Working with inspiration is about taking control of your life, and shaping it so that all the things you do come from your soul. Working with inspiration makes otherwise mundane activity far more inherently meaningful. It directs us towards the things that nourish and enhance, and away from situations and experiences that deplete us.

So, through April, I’ll be talking about inspiration for daily life, and the role it plays in all kinds of creativity. My aim is to inspire, and to show ways in which anyone can lead a life they find inherently meaningful and worthwhile.