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Intuitive Magical Practice – a review

Druid Life

Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice

Intuitive Magical Practice by Natalia Clarke is one of those  books I had the privilege of reading long before it came out. That’s been tricky because it had a significant impact on me and I didn’t want to pre-empt the book too much by talking about that.

This is a small book that offers things you can do to bring your intuition into your practice. It’s a gentle, generous book with a lot to offer in this regard, written by someone for whom intuition is at the heart of magic. Its clear reading this book that Natalia had to work to find and reclaim her intuition, and that raised a lot of questions for me.

It seems obvious – especially after reading this book – that magic should be intuitive. It shouldn’t be entirely prescriptive of about going through someone else’s instructions. I know there are intensely prescriptive high ceremonial…

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On casting circles


This is a personal presentation of a post I made in a forum in response to some ‘instruction’ on how circles feature within Druidry. It’s a little reactive, but I thought I’d share it out into the world. Maybe I’m wrong. I often am.

I’m not going to be put off by your gaslighting, and I do feel that you’re conflating ceremonial magic and druidry and in the doing of which you’re missing the point of the latter.

There are perfectly fine practices of mixed Druidry and, eg, Wicca. Philip Carr Gomm wrote on the subject in his work Druidcraft. I’m very much a ‘what works for the individual” druid and I’m not here to dissuade you from exploring all the paths in the wood, or from disagreeing with customarily held views. I think though there is a need for clarity when one decides to speak with authority.

Druidry is…

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The book explained and a real-life example

Raw Nature Spirit

The book comes out in April 2021 and is currently open for pre-orders on the publishers website


This book is aimed at people, who are becoming curious and start researching the Earth-based spiritual path. Perhaps you read a couple of books, articles or seen some films that drew you into the world of witchcraft, Druidry or, may be a Shaman figures spoke to you from a place unknown. You might have had an experience that sparked your curiosity and you would like to seek further what your path might be.

The book is in the series of Pagan Portals, which are aimed at beginners, but also can be helpful and insightful for experienced practitioners. These books include unique and personal experiences of practitioners from many nature-based spiritual paths, which make them unique in a way of finding information you might not find otherwise. They can also be looked…

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Plastic-free Whitstable: by Steve Andrews

Living Paganism…

Whitstable Views

Photo courtesy of Brian Yurasits

Plastic-free Whitstable is one step nearer to a plastic-free world

Plastic pollution is everywhere, from the tops of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest oceans, but many people worldwide are taking action to reverse this. From individuals to community groups, people are taking power into their own hands. Plastic Free Whitstable (PFW) was set up by concerned local residents in 2018, and by the end of the year, the group was so highly commended by Surfers Against Sewage that the status of “plastic-free” was bestowed on them: a first for any town or organisation in Kent.

PFW members work in many ways to combat the threat of plastic that pollutes the environment both inland and at sea. The group raises awareness of the problem and what can be done about it by spreading the word via local schools and community organisations. PFW…

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