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Druidry and the Future – a review


This is the first of two book reviews I am doing, with both books being focused on druid practices and politics. The second is Christopher Scott Thompson’s Radical Druidry, which I intend to read and review over the next 2 weeks.


Reading Nimue Brown’s self published book Druidry and the Future from a computer screen, with intense focus, didn’t feel like the way this book would be best read. My feeling is that Druidry and the Future is best read in the traditional book format, not as a concentrated effort, but as something to turn to as a medium for reflection.

I have some disagreements, as well as some differences in belief and perspective to Brown, but appreciate the book for much of what I found while reading.

What disagreements/difference I have with Brown’s assertions are basically the same I have with most Green ideology and pagan theology. The…

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When Nobody’s Right

The Catbox

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly trying to find our Selves. Who We Are.

There’s entire industries making money from that quest. Advice comes from every angle, how to transform your mind, body and spirit to become… what? Your ‘Truest Self?’

I’ve come to believe that this is actually the journey that is our lifetime – and even then, some folks don’t get there. That’s what Reincarnation is for 😉

However, it’s always confused me why some people seem to invest so much of their energy in telling others that they’re wrong.

Sometimes this is well-intentioned. Children are taught what is socially right or wrong, for example, and so society is maintained.

But what if those guiding hands are themselves wrong? Or at least misguided.

We learn early on that we have to trust in order to find out what’s acceptable (or not). Ideally, we also learn who to trust. Or…

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Book Review:

Melusine Draco

Seeking The Primal Goddess by Melusine Draco

Another fabulous offering from Pagan Portals. These shorter books are full to bursting with information and knowledge, but something light and easily read over a weekend. Within the seventy nine pages are five chapters and the afterthought. Each of the chapters which cover a wide variety of subjects such as spiritual bloodlines, hearth fire, going beyond the veil and the Owd Lass and Lad, have a “Hearth Fire Exercise”. These contain something for you to experience on a more personal level. It could be research or an actual journey, like the one I made to a healing well. Melusine guides us on a journey to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, through the ancient world into the beliefs of Old Europe and the many Goddess figures that litter the past. How they are shaped, renamed, and blended over time. Sometimes this is…

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Friday 13th 2019

Bardic inspiration…


After the storm, when everything’s battered:

Bleeding, twisted, broken and shattered.

The only next step is to pick ones self up;

Make a space, build a fire, help a friend, share a cup.

Tomorrow will come, and the Sun will still rise

To shine light on the aftermath – hope never dies.

Be not overwhelmed nor your efforts decrease,

But keep hope in your heart, work for good, call for peace.


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