Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 9th: Goddess Month of Hesperis. Are you feeling Puckish? Feast of Fire.

Every culture has a mischievous one lurking about in it’s mythology.  The Celts are no different. Giving this day to Puck, who the Welsh once called, Pwca and the Irish named, Pooka. While this day can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages, present day Pagans can still celebrate it.  Google Puck Fair and see if you get a bite. If not, report back and I’ll see if I can snag you some links.

To some Pagans, and some Witches, salamanders live under the coals of fire. Cast a mandrake root into the flames as an offering unto them for today is an Observance called, Feast of the Fire Spirits.

Mark your calendars or burn your candles, for today begins a new Goddess Month honoring that of Hesperis.  She was a Goddess/Nymph of sunsets and evenings. She can be linked to the Greek name for Italy, which to them, meant, the land of the setting sun.  Also referring to the evening star, Venus.  She was one of several Nymphs known as the Daughters of the Golden Light.  They are the caretakers of a sacred Garden existing in the Western World which maybe something of curiosity, linking to many sacred gardens of the Goddess, that all men and women dreamed of going one day when their time in this world was done.

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