Because every day is Earth Day

The green movement is really taking off.  More and more people and companies are making an effort to change. It’s easier said than done, of course, but it is good to see Gaia finally getting some attention. (One hopes it isn’t too late, and one saves that rant for another blog)

I don’t know whether I have pagan leanings because I have a profound love and respect for nature, or whether I have a profound love and respect for nature because I have pagan leanings. I suspect it’s the former.  And I suspect that paganism is going to get a least a lil tiny bit more respect as the green movement takes root.  Natural health and herbalism go hand in hand with paganism. It’s good to see some validation, even if it’s just in the form of a little green stamp on a herbal remedy that not so long ago one would go to a local ‘wise woman’ (aka witch) to get.

Rather than ramble on, I’d like to recommend a few movies:

I recently watched WHALEDREAMERS, Julian Lennon’s documentary about aborigines whose culture and beliefs are closely tied into whales. I have to admit I got goosebumpy in several parts, especially at one point, where the tribe sang to the whale and the whale, obligingly, appeared.  The individual myths and legends may perhaps be categorized as exactly that – myths and legends- but there is no denying the power of the bond these people have with the sea, and the whales in particular. It’s a beautiful movie and I recommend it.

Another to watch is BARAKA, which is a stunning collaboration of visuals that encompass the whole human experience on this planet.

Every now and then one needs to recognize how tied to the earth we truly are. Movies like these serve as powerful reminders of our ties to the earth. ties that our ancestors probably never imagined we would ever posibly need reminding of. But in an age where thousands of species go extinct every year, we are the ones with the power to make changes. This is one change – one positive change – that is actually rolling.

The way I see it, being green and being pagan go hand in hand. (Which is not to dismiss non-pagan greenies, by any means.) Herbalism and natural healing are two areas where the two meet quite happily. I’ve found the same cures in my pagan herblore books as I have in books about natural health.

Gaia deserves more than one day a year. Whatever you call her; Gaia, Mother Earth, Earth or just, the planet, this world is our mother, and there is only one of her. 

There is a Native American quote that says “We do not inherit the earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children.” So true, and so worth reflecting on.

A Spiritual Slap: The Movie Avatar


So this weekend I was off on my usual hunt for DVD’s. I knew Avatar had just been released and I was dying to see it. I love it when the making of film evolves and had d this one was out of this world. With fingers crossed, I took it up to the check out counter hoping I wouldn’t be let down.

And now I have to admit, I was thrown for a few surprises.

First, I had read some of the hype and ticked off debates on how Avatar was evil and bad– as it was pushing off those despicable godless religions falling under the umbrella of Paganism onto the foolish and unexpected. These rants and accusations always make me laugh for I have never seen nor met a Pagan who was trying to secretly or openly convert anyone….ever.

Now, I’m an eclectic Pagan, but those kinds of arguments don’t always steer my interest as far as a movie goes. I did, however, throw it to our other authors as something to blog about this month, hoping to read a little bit more into the hype. No one grabbed the hook though, so I left it alone.

Not expecting one thing or another, I put the movie on, turned the lights off, and hoped to be at least blown away by these awesome affects I’d been hearing about.

And boy was I.

Before I even got to the middle of the film, I was ready to kiss the soul who dreamt this world up. I wanted to applaud the one who drew it into vision and I wanted to hail the actors and actresses who played the wonderful characters.

And then when I got a taste of the natives of Pandora and their spirituality, I wanted to find the scientist who could build me my own Avatar, thinking I was so totally there. Just show me the way and let me get my coat.

The Natives and their religion is a cross between what you’d consider Native American, and, well, what I consider to be Paganism.

*insert my spiritual slap here*

Everything is the Goddess and all things are connected in this beautiful, fantastic and wondrous world. And even when those there hunt, they do so humanely, and do so spiritually. In my opinion they came across as the Guardians of this fabulous world and that left me a bit upset.

What if we humans were never meant to be as infectious as a virus destroying everything in our path…what if we were meant to be the guardians of our world???

Damned if we didn’t muck that one up, hu? And the movie shows what the monstrous part of Humanity does when we allow our greed and pride to run amuck on the negative side.

Avatar might have ticked off some religious screamers and biters, but for me, it reminded me of something I had once held precious but forgot about because of the hustle and bustle of life lately. It put into actual moving pictures what I’d never really tried to put into words. It gave me back a feeling inside, an envy, and a deep desire to be one with the things around me.

So, if you want something that blows the evolution of film away or if you want something you can connect too…something that might spiritually slap you back to life again…I suggest Avatar. I don’t suggest renting it either. This one is a keeper.




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Lessons from Poverty

It dawned on me that what went wrong, was having money. It’s so easy to fix things by throwing cash at them. We live in a culture where the idea that you throw it away and buy a new one is the norm.

In my teens, I was poor. I had a paper round the paid for my piano lessons, and sometimes little extras, then later a shop job, but I was saving frantically to fund myself through college. I bought second hand clothes. Often, I acquired unwanted things and turned them into clothes. I owned a lot of patched and patchworked things. If I needed something, I’d try and figure out how to make it, improvise it from something else, find it second hand. I frequented jumble sales and car boots.

It was harder work, but it was also greener, more creative and a lot more fun.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped doing that – in part because I married a guy who could afford to buy me things. What with having a small child and being self employed there wasn’t the time to spend on making and creating. I thought.

Life has changed shape. So I’m remembering those old ways of thinking. Currently making a new lampshade out of the metal bits of an old lampshade that had got too tatty, and an old tunic that had a hole in it, and an old window blind. I like how it feels. I like the weird, eccentric things I end up with as a consequence of cobbling them together myself.

Last week I fixed Tom’s jumper, using needle, thread and chopsticks. We talked about my great grandmother, who darned and mended, and the culture of patching up and fixing that has mostly gone. It’s so easy to throw away and buy a new one. But that doesn’t make it a good call. The jumper came out well, at a casual glance you can’t see the repair, and it will serve for a while longer yet. I take a lot of pride in that. That’s something else I had forgotten – the feeling that comes with having sorted something myself. The sense of achievement. You can’t purchase that in a shop, not at any money.

Being cash rich encourages laziness, makes it easy not to bother, to purchase solutions and relinquish creativity. Being tight for money teaches all kinds of skills. I’m remembering what constitutes ‘enough’ and how to be perfectly comfortable on what, by most people’s standards, is very little. It’s good. I’m going to keep doing it, even if the money is there. If I end up with significantly more money than I need, there are issues I can tackle by throwing cash at it. Like buying land for tree planting, or sponsoring tigers. I’m not up to doing the more hands on solutions there, just yet!

Pagan Holidays for April 26, 2010

The Numerology number for today is *drum roll please*…


This is an extremely harmonious number, associated with love, service, responsibility and balance. It is symbolized by the six- pointed star and linked to the planet Venus, and therefore the two signs Taurus & Libra. Its colors are pale blues, turquoises and greens.

On this fabulous Moon-day, we have two Holidays that our Ancient Ancestors celebrated in order to kick off the business week.

First, let’s peek into Classical Greece where they will be launching a grand festival for their Goddess Artemis. This lovely lady happens to be the daughter of Zeus and Latona. Now, normally myth writes her as a Virgin but I am uncertain if this means our definition of untouched or if it means ancient times definition of being simply unwed. (Something for everyone to research I suppose). Aside from that little mystery though, we do know Artemis was the twin of Apollo and classified as being a goddess of the blessed night. With her trusty bow and arrows, Artemis is famous for hunting down and slaughtering up the monsters lurking during dark hours. And did you know that one of her temples (the one located in Ephesus) is considered to be one of our seven wonders of the world?

Second, hopping the long fence into Egypt, we see their holding their own feast of the Artisan which is all about celebrating Ptah. And since Ptah created the world, the Egyptians will also be honoring Craftsmen because like their God, they do wonderful things.



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