Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 10th, 11th, 12th: Old Calendar Lammas Eve, Opet and The Light of Isis

August 10th

The Ancient Egyptian Festival of Opet. “Secret Chamber” is the meaning given to “Opet”, which was when a statue of Amun was carried to Luxor from Karnak. Amun is unseen but Egyptians believed he was everywhere. He was the alpha creator and viewed as the wind.

August 11th

Interestingly enough, in many old Calendars, today is actually Lammas Eve,  the first Harvest of the Grain, when God is said to enter the earth, giving his life to become the Grain. He will rule the next several months as Lord of Shadow in the Underworld and like the Grain, which drops it’s seed into the Earth (Our Mother Goddess), he holds the promise of being reborn come Spring.

August 12th

Let the Lights of Isis shine for all on this day in Ancient Egypt, This observance represents Isis, who searched for the dismembered parts of her murdered husband, Osiris, at night by way of a torch.

Today also happens to be the Blessing of Boats, in Ancient Egyptian History.

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