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CaptureNimue Brown, who helps throw things together for, The Pagan and the Pen, has a private blog called, Druid Life. Much like, The Crowin’ Hen, it is way too many things to drag here. It would completely overwhelm, The Pagan and the Pen. And since Nimue Brown has done so much for, The Pagan and the Pen, it seems only right to give Readers more access to her directly, if need be. Taken from her About Page on Druid Life...

bryn-website-version-smaller-002I discovered Paganism in my late teens and Druidry in my early twenties. I’ve since been a Pagan Federation volunteer, completed the OBOD grades – and now do some voluntary work for them. I also helped out for a while at The Druid Network as well, these days I’m a member, just contributing the odd essay and review.

I was a founding member of west midlands Druid Gorsedd, Bards of the Lost Forest. During my decade in the west midlands I also ran meditation sessions, workshops, a closed ritual group and a folk club.

I’m now back in my native Gloucestershire, after a period of living on a narrowboat, I’m now in more conventional accommodation in Stroud. I live with my lovely and very Druidy husband, artist Tom Brown a fabulous tigerboy and a bucket of worms.

Tom and I are part of the local contemplative Druid group, involved with Druid Camp. I’m involved with my local Green party, and very much immersed in the vibrant life of Stroud.

Check out DRUID LIFE.

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