Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 16th: Isis’s Tear


Ancient Egyptians found sense in everything and out of everything came purpose. Let the annual flooding of the Nile be no different.


We owe that honor to the Goddess of the Nile, Satis, who took a single tear from the Goddess Isis and placed it within’ the river’s waters – bringing forth it’s high waters.

But what sort of tear could cause the world’s largest river to rise? And why on this day should we remember?

When darkness fell, so very long ago, the Egyptians called it the, Night of the Teardrop, for it was said that Isis shed one single tear for her murdered husband Osiris. A tear which symbolized the heart-wrenching mourning the Goddess did for her beloved brother/husband.

The tale of Isis and Osiris is a famous one. Perhaps it inspired all love stories to come. For in the Ancient World, the Golden Age of a King and his everlasting Queen would become it’s own unfortunate version of Romeo and Juliet. More importantly, this would go down in history of one of the most cunning, determined, clever, and strongest Goddesses I would ever come to know. It is well understood why Isis is the Goddess of a Thousand Names. She who earned, without a doubt, each and every one of them.

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