Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 1: Crone’s Day, Rest in Peace

First, let’s get down to what Present Day Pagans maybe celebrating on this day….

Crone Day! This is a time to honor Father Time and Old Mother Nature.

In Roman Calendar, today marks the Kalends of July.

Nostradamus predicted his own death. In 1566, Michel de Nostradamus, said he would die and, well, he did. Nostradamus was a noted mathematician, astronomer, and physician. In fact, during the black plague, he created a pill made from roses which turned out to be Vitamin C.

If anyone has been catching the TV Show, Reign, then you may recall Nostradamus having a part in the first season. Historically speaking,the show spoke some truth. Nostradmus was a personal Councilor and Physician of none other, Catherine de Medici. The Queen of France was a wide of Henry II. Being by Catherine’s side protected Nostradamus from heresy and being accused of being possessed– which is what people would have said because of his predictions.

Because they are open to interpretation, Nostradamus’s predictions astound and mystify the world….even today.

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