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Reader Looking For Some Paranormal Opinions

Recently, Peter Signorelli, posted to The Pagan & Pen Facebook Page hoping for Viewer opinions concerning a Paranormal Phenomena he has experienced.  Below, I have posted his pictures and pasted his own words. Please comment if you have opinions, suggestions or replies.


Peter Signorelli, : Would be curious what you all make of this photo. Some background: this is on the lower shelf of a night table about 3 inches from the bed. The imprint is in dust and the lighter was placed there by me for scale. This (whatever it is) is only a few inches by a few inches. Please observe and think about what an actual imprint of a human "foot" would look like …notice the "big toe". This stayed for several months and never collected dust…except for around it.



He asked that we post this picture for comparison…..




Shadow People & Spider Interview #2 w/ Dre

Interview by Casey Harris for the Column, All Things Paranormal.

il_340x270.238315421The name and identity of the person I am interviewing shall remain anonymous.

The person I am interviewing will be called, Dre.

Dre contacted me with her experiences for the sake of this interview. Dre’s answers will be in black. Mine will be in blue—hoping that makes things easier on the eyes.

This is an interview concerning Shadow People and Astral/Shadow Spiders.

Casey: First, thank you Dre for coming forward and being willing enough to do this interview. I know these situations are hard to deal with, understand,  much less admit to someone else that they are going on.

Let’s start by letting everyone know how old you are.

Dre: I am now 35 years old.

Casey: When did this first start happening to you?

Dre: I was around 2-3 years old living in an apartment with my parents.

Casey: What sort of background did your Parents have? Were they open-minded to these sorts of things—ghosts, the paranormal, or were they the sort of people who didn’t talk about such? Maybe they were very religious and that played into their views?

Dre: My mother is open-minded about the supernatural. She grew up with superstitions passed down from her parents. She is also Catholic and I was raised Catholic with the other beliefs she held.

Casey: Can you remember what was going on at the time?

Dre: It was the 80’s and we were living in a one-bedroom apartment in Sydney. My mother was a young mum (23 at the time) and I didn’t have any siblings and mostly were around adults.

At the time we were a little economically disadvantaged and the only support we had was my stepfather 2’s mother. My mother’s family were overseas. Stepfather 2 loved my mother very much, but didn’t treat me with kindness very often.

Casey: Break up?

Dre: My mother had just broken up with her husband (stepfather number one) and was now had moved in with her boyfriend (stepfather two) in a one bedroom apartment. I used to sleep in the loungeroom.

Casey: Okay, let’s get a little more history here. Do you remember Stepfather 1? How was their relationship? How did he treat you?

Dre: The relationship between my stepfather and I was a good, caring relationship from what I remember. I never remember him raising his voice or doing anything to harm me.

My mother’s relationship with stepfather 1 was not very happy one. She was 20-21 years old when she married and still wanting to have a life going out with her friends who also had also migrated here as well.

Casey: Family deaths when this started?

Dre: No family deaths during this time.

Casey: Any stress or complications sleeping when this started?

I did have something occur when I was three years old. My parents had let a friend stay over and he slept in the loungeroom and they both went to bed. I had to sleep in the loungeroom. Something bad happened. Too personal, I don’t want to go into further details.

Just sleeping in an uncomfortable position. It used to be two chairs pushed together and now later they made a bed for me to sleep on the ground and eventually we got one of those stretch beds that was creaky, but still better than the floor.

Casey: Okay, I understand. We will leave this for now and depending on how you answer any questions above, will I even touch on this subject but if I do– I will be vague and WILL NOT even go near asking about details. It will just deal with things like– was he a friend of your moms or stepfather 2 and was sort of energy did this incident bring into the home.

Dre: He was a friend/ acquaintance of stepfather 2 and was too drunk to go home, so that’s why he stayed over. We were all playing board games before there and he was very wasted and at the time, I just thought it was funny because he kept falling back losing his balance. After he left in the morning, I never saw him again.

Casey:  Respecting Dre’s request, we are avoiding the subject of what the Stepfather #2’s friend did.

When these things started happening, did you have an interest in the Paranormal or Otherworld happenings?

Dre: Around 3-4 years old, I was having lucid dreams of a visitor in my house and talking to me and taking me places. It wasn’t I started seeing this imaginary figure when my step grandmother used to call me naughty and say that the bad version of me did this. I started to hallucinate a doppelganger of me sitting at the edge of my bed or standing in my room. It was a bad presence and I would get in trouble for things it had done. When I was older, I used to think maybe I was sleep walking and doing these things because I had no recollection of doing them.

Casey: This is also interesting. I have had others tell me about these doppelgangers. Not so much that they did bad things but that they woke up and saw them sitting by their bed. Of course it scared the heck out of them but we never figured out if it was because the energy was bad or it was the shock of it.

Dre: I’m glad to know others have had the doppelganger experience. I have never met one person who has.

My parents left me home alone often and used to lock the door with the washing machine so I couldn’t get out. So when I saw this figure it used to scare the crap out of me and I cry and close my eyes. I used to eventually fall asleep.

The visitor was a male, dark clothes and I can’t really remember the face. It wasn’t clear and I hate to say it, but it changed forms. There was once an experience I had woken and saw a visitor standing in my room at the front of my bed- dimly lit and the figure of my best friend at the time. It wasn’t her though and I was 14.

Casey: So the “Visitor” that used to come and take you places– this sounds like Astral Travel to me– but was this “Visitor” the doppelganger– the trouble maker or another entity?

Also around the same age, I have also seen a shadow figure in my lounge room in the day (dim lit room) and when I have jumped up scared, screamed for my mother and it disappeared. This was nowhere near bedtime so I know I wasn’t waking from sleep or even tired at the time of seeing it.

Casey: The question is, was this an entity all on its own, or a shadow self of your Stepfather 2, or something attached to him?What’s some background on Stepfather 2? The rest of his family—how did they treat you?

Dre: Stepfather 2 grew up in an abusive household with alcoholic parents, domestic violence and was one in five children.

My step-grandparents treated me well when I was with them (they were 50 years + then) and I never saw ill treatment from them the way my stepfather grew up with.

This was a completely separate entity all on it’s own and was around even when my stepfather was out of the house with my mother or in the house when they were both sleeping.

Casey: Still interesting. Wondering if this was something attached to him? Did you have an interest in the Paranormal at this time or before?

Dre: No, I didn’t have an interest in the Paranormal or Otherworld happenings till after this happened and then I would wonder if there was something medically wrong- lack of sleep, psychological or physical trauma or something else.

Casey: I don’t think there was anything mentally wrong with you however, like Abusive people, sometimes certain unexplained presences will attach themselves to those who are being abused.

How often do they happen now? The experiences?


Sleep narcolepsy:

I didn’t have anything out of the ordinary happen until my teens. I suffered from sleep narcolepsy often and trying my best to get out of it. It was just a feelings of being pushed with something heavily on top or me just trying to move and scream and unable to. It scared me because I didn’t know what it was. I was told by a friend that it was just some defense mechanism that we had since humans evolved and lived in trees, but this didn’t seem to satisfy my interest and I was practicing my breathing before sleep to try and get into that state again to see where it took me.

I have been in that state and a shadow on top of me and feeling like it is having intercourse, although that has not happened since I was in my teens and early 20’s. This was happening very frequently.

Through the years, I’ve learnt that when it does happen to slow down my breathing, calm my thoughts and everything returns to normal again and I can awaken from it.

Around 8 months ago I awoke in the middle of the night and saw a large crab-like spider creature on the ceiling crawling towards me. Terrified me and looked menacing. It was just watching me and then started calling towards me. I thought this is ridiculous and before it got close, it vanished.

Just 6 months ago we had moved I got up in the middle of the night again and saw little spiders crawling down the wall and I watched them for around 10-15 seconds and then they disappeared.

I think what has frightened me the most and it was recently (3 months ago), is that I had sleep narcolepsy happen and like I said before I could breath myself out of it and be able to break free out of it. This time it didn’t happen and I felt like my brain was being electrocuted. It did feel like something or someone was making this happen. I couldn’t move, my eyes were open and it was painful like someone charging electricity into my brain; this last perhaps 2 minutes. The reason why I know it was lasting more than a few seconds is I was saying the Our Father because I thought I may not be alive at the end of the experience and I was halfway through saying the 3 times.

It hasn’t really bothered me that I have experienced sleep narcolepsy, but what I am more concerned with is the feeling of ‘pain’ that was something I never want to go through again. I even thought maybe I had a seizure in my sleep? I have never suffered from one before, but I needed answers. I have spoke about it with my doctor about whether I could have suffered from a seizure in my sleep. I did get a referral to a sleep doctor, but I haven’t chased it up again. Short of time and money and I haven’t had it again since, so I am hoping this is a ‘once-off’.

The day before I emailed you, I had woken up around 5am and had seen a small spider above me on the ceiling weaving a web. I watched it for a few moments before it disappeared. It was definitely not a ‘real’ spider spinning a web. I am wondering why it is there and what is its intention and it doesn’t scare me. It seems harmless.

Casey: I will tell you this, some of the spiders seem to scare the dickens out of people and some, like the one you just mentioned, are not. In other experiences, people have seen things that have made their heart jump out of their chests but then other times, they have spun webs around things like their hands, bound them, and then, they simply faded. These should have been terrifying but weren’t….so we are definitely dealing with different spiders.

I am the only person I know that has experienced these things and I am in the search for answers to my experiences. I am frightened about having that experience of ‘pain’, not the figures or voices. I do believe these experiences happen when I am stressed, depressed or needing more sleep or sometimes I wake up even more tired from sleep-drained from energy.

Astral projection:

I have even experienced what they call astral projection twice and that was around 18 years ago. My body floated out of its body hovering and looking down at my mother sleeping. I have never experienced this again.

Actually, I think you experienced it quite often as a child with the “Visitor” you mentioned above. Sometimes Astral Travel seems more like a dream but its not a dream. You are actually leaving your body and travelling somewhere else – another time, place or even dimension.

The sleep-draining and lack of sleep above, maybe caused by the travelling. Because you are “not” actually sleeping. You are going elsewhere.

Hearing voices:

In my 20’s I figured I was hear or see things when I was very tired. I was studying a lot and staying up late. So I could hear voices of people either passed or present talking to me or picking up random words that I couldn’t understand the context of. I think sometimes it’s like a psychosis or my mind stuck between that dream and awake state and I don’t realize it. It really used to scare me, even now I’m quite accepting and it’s usually an indicator to me that I need to go to bed. I have also wondered whether the ones I hear that are now deceased, whether I am picking up a frequency (like a radio station) of some other place/dimension.

Casey: Yes, not all are dead. I’ve had testimonies of people who were being visited by those who are part of their “original” life– seemed to be a world or place that they belonged too. When they leave this life, they will return. Is fascinating, to say the least. So, yes, could be other-dimensional, etc.

Dre: I do think the hearing, seeing and feeling is apart of the same thing. It’s just either different levels or versions of it.

Casey: If you don’t know, you should keep a journal trying to log what is going on in your life, if you have a deeper intuition that day than most, or if its a full moon or if you had spicy food. These things don’t discredit your experiences but they could tell us or you what opens you up to them or what is going on around you that may contribute to them happening. We are trying to find links, you see, between people and the experiences. 

Dre: I will keep a journal from now on.  But I did want to tell you about something else. We have moved house. One of the kids, has seen a shadow in their room. She has been complaining about this for a few weeks and I still have been putting them into bed in that room telling them its just their imagination and they are tired. Another child (15 years) was with me in that room and the light was on and he jumped back saying he saw a dark figure in the mirror in the place that the young kid had been complaining that someone was there. Sometimes, when I am in there alone or even just putting a kid to bed, I wonder is there something or an energy there. Creeps me out.

Casey: Everyone has to parent their own way, but sometimes telling them its their imagination also feeds the negativity scaring them. Gives it power, so to speak. The thing plays on, “They will never believe you, so it can do what it wants.” And that’s the key, here, to take away its power. Some Entities really do mimic abusive people and their traits– very possible the Entity, itself was once abusive or is. They don’t just show up one day having full-fledges power. They collect it in small doses by doing small things. These small things help them build up to doing BIG things, like taking form, etc. The small ways they start out are usually making kids hear a noise or “feel” like something is there when the eyes can’t see it. “Spooking them” enough so that the child “BELIEVES” something is wrong. This belief builds into a belief that the Entity can harm them or do whatever it wants. That ends up giving the Entity the power to do so.

So, the key is, to also build on the child’s belief in a positive way. You, as their mother, needs to create the belief that you have control over your house and your children. You actually do, you know. But you need to do small doses, building the child’s belief– that’s key.

Start by places dream catchers in the room or little symbols for the kids– tell them it keeps the bad stuff away– the shadows. Remember, dream catchers were originally webs that “Caught” the bad things and trapped them.

Then, fill a bowl full of water with salt. Put a scent in it that the children like – then use sage and other clensing herbs. Wash everything down in the room, in front of the kids. Let them know what you are doing– washing the bad stuff away so that the Shadow can’t get in.

Create a spray bottle. Call it monster spray– make sure to put a pleasing scent. Children need to “Smell” if they can’t completely see. The smell tells their brains the spray is still working and is still there. You are destroying the belief that the Shadow has used to get a foothold and you are also using the tools of nature to rid your home of its presence.

The important thing to remember, kids are already more open than we are and if they have your gifts– well, its important that you find ways to teach them, let them know they are not crazy or alone, but also, and more importantly, train them to automatically know that THIS is their stomping ground and they have control– as so do you, as their mom.

Next question, Are you Religious? (If so, what?) Atheist? Other? 

Dre: Catholic-raised, but also I am fascinated by all faiths. I like to feel more connected to the nature and I have a newfound love learning about science. I definitely believe in God or a force greater than us (energy) or something from which we originated from. I often joke about how sometimes I just want to go home. There is so much that cannot be accounted for and I think there isn’t enough of anything to be sure.

Casey: Its funny, that you call it joking, but are naturally saying it– about going home. When so many out there believe they have a home– a place of origin– that they are will return to when they leave this life.

Dre: I also did try some meditation once, to see if I can open up my third-eye. I’m still skeptical about whether it worked or not. I was just looking up vibrational frequencies and all sorts of stuff on the internet one day and thought I would have a go.

I have had some crazy lucid dreams where I can control things like the backgrounds to my dreams, or fly or where I feel like I am omniscient and when I wake I forget all that knowledge.

Casey: Again, that sounds like Astral Travelling.

I do have more than a few de je vu dreams and I don’t realize until I am in the moment and that’s pretty cool and freaky. My sister has it too. I do read my tarot cards because they are right every time. I try not to do this unless it’s a really important question and I need to know the answer. I think intentionally opening up doors can also work against you.

I have been seeing the numbers on clocks 11:11 constantly for around 8 months that has made me wonder what it means and I heard to make a wish on it. I started telling people about it and they started seeing it all the time as well. Currently, I am seeing 10:10 all the time. I am actually starting to think it’s amusing.

Casey: You should look into numerology and the meaning of numbers. This can help you as well, if there is a message in what you are seeing.

Dre: I do believe what we’re seeing there is something else to it. We get a limited perspective on life and not seeing the bigger picture to something else. I also think that to a certain extent our senses are dulled by technology, food or the way we use our brains. I had a dream where, I am often trying to transmit something from my mind to a higher plane, but I am complaining to another that I am not being able to do it because something is blocking my brain or actual spiritual self. I feel like I am not using my brain to its full potential or for the purpose it was intended. I often pray to God for direction and I do get some answers in unlikely ways such as certain doors of opportunity open, so I feel like I am on the right track. When they don’t open, I feel like more work needs to be done to open it or that its not the right time, there’s another route.

Casey: You seem to have one foot in one world and your gifts, and another foot– here. There is a reason we do not remember everything on the “other side” or where we go when we travel. If we remembered it all, this life would be too unbearable. However, you are obtaining enough knowledge to guide you through steps or your natural path, which is a good thing.

Do you have a support group or anyone in life that you can confess these things to?

Dre: No support group. I have friends and family. ‘ To be honest, its hard even saying this because it doesn’t  sound like what a  ‘reasonable person’ would experience.

Casey: What would family or friends do if you told them?

Dre: I have told friends and family, they think its nuts. I feel nuts telling them, but again I am a bit amused. I would like to know if there is anything more. What interests me, is that other people out there have seen or experienced what I have and I think if you’re open to those things happening, they might happen more frequently.


My mother believes in the spiritual stuff and about spirits following or people wishing bad luck. She grew up in Fiji and where she lived they were superstitious about a lot of things. So if I am telling her anything negative, apparently it’s my fault and I need to focus on the positive.

Casey: The negative is not always your fault– I mean, if you are out here doing bad things, then Karma might bust your upside the head, but usually, the negative happens or is drawn to us because our light is so bright. Sometimes its other people bringing it to us or sometimes its situations. It really depends on the situation.

Dre: I have heard about witches on both sides of my family (Great Grandma’s). One was into healing with plants. I had never met her. She has passed away now. That was the culture and that she grew up in villages and relied upon things in nature that worked and was readily available. I think it is very resourceful and using natural products. I do think that’s just gossip that keeps us interested in own family stories and too vague to be anything of significance. My first cousins and I have joked about it.

Casey: Well, at one time, women handled all of our healing especially in generations long past. It was a knowledge passed on from one woman to another under one title or another. Midwife, priestess, healer, Granny Women…. during the dark ages, these practices were outlawed by the early church as a way to separate women from earlier “Goddess/Mother” religions. Women managed to hide their healing knowledge within superstitions, etc.

Dre: I am open to healing with what nature has given us and the natural gifts people are born with and I have a strong belief in that. I remember mentioning to you about one of my great-grandparents. My cousins and even my uncle had laughed because she had been accused of being a witch by gossip spread by the villagers because she had gained the interest of my great-grandfather’s (who was a very handsome man) and had a good knowledge of botany. Even if she was, I am not scared or upset by it. I just laughed because my uncle said she may have just seduced him and it wasn’t anything to do with being a witch, just the power of seduction. It was never proven.

Casey: Any questions or anything to add?

Dre: Question 1: Why are the spiders spinning webs and what is their purpose of being in the room? Why is it spiders and not some other animal?

Casey: That’s the question we all want to know. Honestly, I don’t have an answer….yet. I have research and I have theories but nothing concrete.

Dre: I am hearing the voices before bed more often, but it still is the same thing where I am beyond tired and it starts. I tried writing bits of it that I heard.

It said:

Makes decisions not before she realizes it.

To make it less unfortunate, just let go.

Any day now, there’s two of u.

These three sentences were said in the same sitting. Although I didn’t know whether to take it as advice or are these sentences supposed to be read together or is it random gibberish that my mind is forming between the waking/dream state. I noted this down in my phone after I heard them so I wouldn’t forget and to find out if any of it made sense because it would come and go so quickly.

Question 2: Did any of the other people have any other symptoms or beliefs on why they heard those voices?


Casey: Some had symptoms, yes. Some had been diagnosed as schizophrenic –hearing voices—and I often wonder how many people, who have an ear to what’s moving beyond the veil, are often diagnosed with a mental condition?

Some have symptoms much like yours, Dre, and experiences that started in their youth.

Some have had things hit them out of the blue and they, like everyone else, search for why.

Some have embraced it, hearing voices, and have done something positive with that in life. Every situation and person is different and yet, so much is the same.

Many who were tormented and frightened to pieces by what was happening to them came to terms with something that ended it all. They realized that these “presences” were unexpected, uninvited or strangers. That’s what made them terrified. Once they made peace with what was going on, the fear-factor resolved itself. Those were “their” experiences, though and based only what “they” were going through. Everyone is different.

Dre: Dreaming most nights and I am waking up very tired. The dreams are taking place in another life where I am doing ordinary things with people I know, but there is also a lesson in it. When I wake up I jot down what I can remember and look them up. It has been very helpful.

I was very drained and slept a lot during the full moon last month. Although, I have had a very busy 3 months so perhaps that has taken a toll and I am catching up on sleep.

Casey: Moon phases affect some people more so than others. And the tired, again, that sounds like Astral.

Dre: Thank you so much for giving me advice and some tools about tackling the energy and not giving it power. I have sat down and spoken to my kids and I really do feel that the presence isn’t as strong as it was before.

Casey: No, Thank you, Dre and I hope we find answers for you and so many others very soon.

This interview was inspired and goes in theme with numerous other articles and interviews written on the subject here at The Pagan and the Pen.  More interviews coming soon…

If you have had an experience you’d like to share or information concerning this Phenomena, then please contact Casey Harris at:  EMAIL US, or manually send to: ThePaganPen (at) gmail (dot) com.


Magical Incantation to become a Werewolf


tumblr_nb8fqc7GPR1qdxc5jo4_1280A very long time ago, I posted this ritual on my personal website. It gained alot of attention. Unclear on the direction my writing and research was taking me, I deleted the website after so many years running. Over the past few years, I received numerous emails asking for the return of this little historical ritual. Now that we are dusting off, The Pagan and the Pen, I think there couldn’t be a more suitable place to park this little tidbit. Here’s hoping all the regulars that haunted this little piece before, stumbles back upon it….

Now, once upon a time, in one of my encyclopedias, I found a word I had not seen before, Oborot.

The meaning and origins of Oborot can be found living within Russian lore. It’s meaning clear…Werewolf.

An Oborot is a person transformed, literally, into something else. And that’s exactly what this little incantation is supposed to do….transform a man or woman into a Werewolf.

Legend says, in order to use this powerful magic, you will need a few things.

  • The incantation must be done in the woods or forest.
  • A copper knife
  • A tree that has been cut down. A tree stump.

You must go into the woods and stab the cut tree with the copper knife. Then, walk around the stump repeating this incantation:

On the sea, on the ocean, on the island, on Bujan,

On the empty pasture gleams the moon, on an ashstock lying

In a green wood, in a gloomy vale.

Toward the stock wandereth a shaggy wolf,

Horned cattle seeking for his sharp white fangs;

But the wolf dives not into the shadowy vale,

Moon, Moon, gold-horned moon,

Check the flight of bullets, blunt the hunters’ knives,

Break the Shepards’ cudgels,

Cast wild fear upon all cattle,

On men, on all creeping things,

That they may not catch the grey wolf,

That they may not rend his warm skin!

My word is binding, more binding than sleep,

More binding than the promise of a hero!

Once you feel the surge of power, you must spring or jump over the tree trunk three times. Legend says if you do, you will be transformed into a wolf. Afterwards, you are free to run off into the wilds of the forest!

Further reading:

  • The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  • Baring-Gould, Sabine. The Book of Werewolves. London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1865


Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 1: A link between Celtic and Greek Dieties, Rome’s One and not the Other, Ancient World Vampires, Norse Syn and Ancient Egypt

Time to reflect on Celtic lore, for our Ancient Calendar reveals the Celts would have honored what they called, the Hamadryads. The Hamadryads were spirits that lived within the sacred Oak trees .

The name actually came from Greece, but in that culture, had a somewhat different meaning.

In Greek lore, the Hamadryads were not Celtic spirits but, Nymphs. The connection between these two cultures may live within the whole “tree” thing, for it is said that Nymphs were individually born with an attachment to a certain tree.

According to the Greeks, if the tree died, so did the Nymph.

Also, to harm a tree connected to a Nymph was a great crime against Greek Gods.

In fact, their Gods were said to punish anyone who maliciously set out to harm either.

Over in Rome, on June 1st, a festival for two Goddesses named Carna and Cardea would be happening. These two ladies and their purposes intertwined. Goddess Carna overlooked doors and locks, while Cardea overlooked the hinges. Also, Carna protected the larger organs of the body as Cardea protected the innocent while they slept…but from what?

The Strig.

Who were the Strig? A type of Vampire/Demon, who sucked the blood of their victims while they slept.

Today is also the Kalends of June in Ancient Roman Calendars.


Now, let us go to the land and culture of the Norse, as they were honoring one of my favorite Goddesses named, Syn. Syn not only aided Fridd, but was also valued as a protector. In order to be granted the protection of Syn, all one had to do was invoke her.

Later, she became known as a protector of those in need of justice and those on trial.

In Ancient Egypt, they are celebrating Maat and Ra, as this is the day they go forth in secret.