Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays : June 3 : The Goddess Pax

autRome is kicking off their second Festival this week, all in the name of their Goddess Pax, and the Greek Goddess, Eirene.

There isn’t a lot to be said about Pax. Credited with being of Peace, she was also the patron of wealth. Other sources say Pax has another festival come January 3.

With the world spiraling into chaos as it is, it would be nice if Pax or Eirene would cast her glow upon us today.

Without sounding too sappy or fluffy, I’d like to add a personal note….

It seems like in every corner of the world, there is something bad happening. Riots, Protests, Terrorist Attacks, Violence, Hate…

If we could take a moment to pause from the negative web that has us entangled and imagine the world as we’d like it to be…

In a way that gives everyone a chance to spread their wings and fly and live in their own way…

Whether that way is ours or not….

And then if we could each take one small step in making that happen…..

Here’s hoping you all have a bright and wonderful day! From all of us here at The Pagan and the Pen.

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