Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 14: Runic Half-Month Ur and Happy Birthday to Osiris


The Ancient Egyptian’s would have celebrated the birth of Osiris today. Osiris was one of the most popular gods of Egypt. Not only did he change things for Egyptians but many Pagans believe he aided in countless other Religions and Cultures to come. For example, many believe the Christ Mythos is very much related to that of Osiris.

In Egypt, however, Osiris was said to have ruled a Golden Age. He was beloved of his people, teaching them much until his brother Set and 72 other Conspirators destroyed him. Even in death, though, Osiris still found a way to carry on his legacy. He ended up becoming the God of the Underworld, proving to Egyptians that there was life after death, and promising them renewed life under his protection and domain.


futhark-uruzThe Runic half-month of  Ur starts today. Ur stands for strength and new beginnings, so for those looking to venture out for a new start, or are in need of extra help, now is the time to proceed.

This is especially good given the First Quarter Moon this past 11th and the Full Moon coming up on the 19th.  Don’t forget to work your Magical Moon Phases in with your Runic Lore. Good Luck!


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