Artists of the Month

Every month The Pagan and the Pen likes to show off a Pagan Artist by interviewing them and using their art in our Pagan Holiday posts throughout that month. This is just our way of giving back to those who decorate our world with their blessed talent. If you are or know of a Pagan Artist, then please shout : hopelessmaine (at) gmail (dot) com

And please stay posted for all of our Artists, keeping them in mind if you ever have a need for art, calendars, or whatever else.


Column: Pagan Artist of the Month


We would also like to thank Tom Brown for donating a piece of his fabulous art to The Pagan and the Pen as our Banner. He was our first Pagan Artist and will always have a home and spotlight here. He doesn’t write for our blog, but he does follow, and when it came down to interviewing him, he was a real treasure and joy to work with. So thank you Tom for the piece of art, for being so generous, and here’s hoping we can bring some more attention to an already, very successful, and gifted man!





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