Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 31st: Rise of Lugh, Loki & Sigyn, Lammas Eve

Tonight is Lammas Eve .  While tomorrow is Lammas, this is one of our most important Pagan Holidays as it was for the Ancients. It means Death of the Grain. Ill probably work some articles up concerning this separately, just let this mark our time to prepare. Our ancestors would cut the grain and bake a blessed bread.

Today, the Norse would have held an observance in honor of Loki and his wife, Sigyn.

The Celts had an Observance called Oidche Lugnasa which honored their god of the sun named, Lugh.

Lugh’s birth was a dramatic one. His morning was trapped in a tower made of crystal by her father Balor. Balor was the god of the underworld. Why would daddy imprison his own daughter? Same reason most father’s lose their cool. He didn’t want any man touching his baby girl.

Didn’t work, though. Ethlinn, Lugh’s future mother, found a way. Her lover, Clan, not only got her pregnant but he impregnated her with triplets.

Being a Grandfather didn’t exactly suit the God of the Underworld as he tossed his own Grandchildren out the tower to drown. All but Lugh did. Instead, he grew up to be the perfect man. He was a master of weapons, athletic, artistic and very good looking.And he would only add revenge to his list of successful endeavors for he would murder Balor during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh.

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