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Pagan Holidays of past and present, these are daily posts concerning the holiday, ritual, and daily celebrations that our Ancient Ancestors (and present Pagans) celebrate (ed). Posts include civilizations such as Ancient Rome, Greece, Norse, Egypt, Babylon, etc.

Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: December 9: Tablets of Destiny

Something we don’t hear much about unless it’s a biblical, is the culture of Babylon. One very important Babylonian God was Zu, or, to the Persians, Anzu. In ancient Babylon, Zu, would have been honored today.

Born of the Goddess Siris, Zu was actually drawn to look like the mythological creature, the Griffin. He could breathe fire and water but was unfortunately destroyed by the hands of Lugalbanda,

Still, he would forever go down in history as being the one who stole The Tablets of Destiny from another god named Enlil. The Tablets of Destiny were believed to have been written by the Elder Gods.

Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: December 8: Last Greek Goddess Standing, Egypt’s One Born of Light, one born of Darkness.

In Greek mythos, Zeus had a daughter with the Goddess Themis. Her name was Astraea. In the world of men (our world), Astraea, was the last to leave taking her place in the Heavens where all those who were like her, went.

While this reminds me of the Elves from Lord of the Rings, when they made their exit from, what was it? Middle Earth? Astraea wasn’t a work of fiction according the the Greeks. She was very real to them, the Goddess of Justice.  That’s why December 8th is an observance dedicated to her.

In Ancient Egypt, a religion time has somewhat forgot and buried beneath her golden sands, a festival for Neith would have been held today. Neith was one of the original Gods and Goddesses of this culture. She was said to have been the mother of Ra. She also gave birth or made his arch nemesis, Apep.

Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: December 7: Haloia

Today is the Greek Observance for Haloia of Demeter. Now, if you remember, we already covered Persephone and I even threw down the 411 on her love drama from way back in the day. Well Demeter, if you recall, is her momma, and also the one that turned the seasons upside down mourning for her baby when she was abducted by Hades.

Demeter is the Greek’s Goddess Mother of all things.

Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: December 4: Pallas Athena

Greeks had a Goddess who stood for wisdom and represented the Arts. Two things which was very important to their culture. A daughter of the Great and almighty Zeus, Athena was her name.  Considered to be Daddy’s favorite girl, Athena didn’t have your everyday, typical birth. Instead of being born of a woman, since Zeus swallowed up her mother, Athena was instead, born from the splitting open of Zeus’s skull. No worries, Zeus survived.

In classical Greece, a festival called, Pallas Athena, would have been held honoring the Goddess.

Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: September 16th: HARVEST MOON & ECLISPE!!!!!

I am publishing this one a day early so everyone has time to prepare!

It is Harvest Moon day AND we will be having a Harvest Moon Eclipse, around 12:45 PM, I think Eastern? Here is the Old Farmer’s Almanac link and a TIME, WHERE and WHEN to help you figure out your area.


For Witches or those of the Craft,  those who practice Divination or anyone needing a boost with their fertility magics, make sure to hold onto to your seats and get ready for a super-powered punch because not only is today the Harvest Moon, but it’s also packing the punch of an Eclipse!

The Harvest Moon is Ancient & Pagan Calendars generally fall on the first full moon on or after this date (15th). With it being on this day , the 16th) and an eclipse to boot, well I’d say we are all in for a special treat.

For those wanting to be pregnant or use a fertility rite in other areas of your life, this is or was said to be the day that such magics could happen. It is said that more women conceive under the Harvest Moon than any other.

This will also be the FINAL eclipse of the Moon for the remainder of the year.

Quoting: It will be visible across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Those across North America and South America will have to wait until 2017 to see another eclipse. Source  : End Quote

The Harvest Moon originated in Europe, but also, it came from the American Indians because the Moon itself told them when it was time to Harvest their Corn. The light given from this Moon allowed and allows Farmers to work longer hours in order to bring in their harvest.  The Harvest Moon stretches across the globe into many Cultures. Even China.

This is a penumbral eclipse. That’s when the Moon, itself, travels through the outer edges of the earth within’ the planet’s shadow.  The Moon or part of it will darkened but not completely disappear. Some say this is when the Moon has the power of ALL Moons.  This is when the energies of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun all combine.

This is a great time to Draw down the Power of the Moon, or give honor to Lunar Goddesses and Gods. It is a fabulous time for healing or well, any sort of productive ritual—even the final completion of one- a time to harvest the benefits of all your hard work.

If you wish to increase your physic powers or use divination or strengthen your intuition, well, jump on the moon wagon. Tonight if your night!

This is a time for Dark Magic (Not evil, but Dark, as in how all life began, in the womb.) It is a great time for Sidhe magic and even connecting with the Otherworlds.

This is a time of the Crone. Think Hecate, if you need a mental aspect of that or Sekhmet of Egypt.

Egyptian Priests believed the Moon was the Mother of the Universe. What I think is particularly interesting right now is, we have just had Lammas, a time when the God (Sun) enters the Earth (the Mother’s Womb) where he dies in order to bring life to the Grain—where in spring, he will be reborn like the Grain.

With this Eclipse, the Moon (the Mother) will become one with the Earth (her womb) and the Sun (the Father & Son).

Moonstruck or moon-touched was said to be the doings of the Great Mother, who was picking out her chosen ones. Those who were moonstruck were described as “Silly” which happened to be a word that originally meant, “Blessed.”

Regardless of your intentions or needs, prepare for a powerful burst of energy that will affect all.

Get Ready!

Ancient Calendar & pagan holidays:September 14th: A Day to Honor the Hazel Tree & Foretelling of a Harvest Moon Eclipse

It is said that the Hazel tree holds great power. So much so, a time was noted on the Calendar claiming when it was most productive to tap into the magic of that tree. Today is that day, a time to harvest the nuts and what the Hazel has to offer.

Known in the Middle Ages as the “Day of the Holy Nut”, people believed that the branches, bark and whatever else of the tree could do miraculous things like, but not limited to, warding off the evil intensions of another (especially one of power) or to heal.  There were a few rules, though, like avoiding the nuts of the tree which were not ripe and everything pretty much revolved around the nuts itself.

Later, this day was called, The Devil’s Nutting Day. The “Devil” got stapled to everything Pagan sooner or later.

Still, the Hazel Tree will forever be known as a tree of great magic and wisdom.

May your day be so blessed! Until tomorrow…..

WAIT! Before I forget!!!!!


Speaking of tomorrow or, well, Friday, it is a Harvest Moon day AND we will be having a Harvest Moon Eclipse, due around 12:45 PM, I think Eastern? Here is the Old Farmer’s Almanac link and a TIME, WHERE and WHEN to help you figure out your area.


Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: September 13th: Rome By Three, Runic Half Month, And Fire of Egypt

Egypt had long names for their Holidays. Today was called, “The Festival of Lighting the Fires of Neith.” Neith was one of the Originals in the early days of Gods and Goddesses. She was a Creator, having spit into the waters, creating Apep, which happened to be an evil serpent, an arch nemesis of Ra. She was also the mother of Ra. So in a sense, she gave birth to the dark and light, creating gods who would represent light and death. The Heavens and the Underworld.

The curious thing about Apep is, the Great Serpent did not begin as a thing of evil or an enemy of Ra. While Ra was of the Sun and of light, Apep was of the Underworld. The Underworld consisted of many “Chambers”, which was represented by the Serpents body. Ra had to pass through this Underworld and it’s Chambers each time he was swallowed up by Night with the triggering of the Sunset. I think that maybe, Ra Priests misrepresented Apep and Ra’s journey by labeling the Serpent as Evil, suddenly placing some sort of fear over the Underworld. We see this often, even in Egyptian History. Priests of one God coming along and changing things up a bit to suit the image of their own God. I think the original story represents something positive and not a thing to be feared. It represents phases of life and death—the moral, Rebirth, Regeneration and Renewal. Rebirth, Regeneration and Renewal is something else the Pagan Serpent has always represented. Each time, we come back stronger.

Do you feel the strong urge to be thankful on this day? Perhaps you have been blessed with unexpected good fortunes. If so, maybe that is the Roman Ancestors living within your blood screaming out for you to take notice of all that you have – no matter how simple or complex—and give appreciation and thanks for it.

Today in Ancient Rome, they would have had a Festival for three Deities: Minerva, Juno and Jupiter. The official name was, Lectisternium. A Roman would take images of these Gods/Goddesses and sit meals in front of them because today was about having a Feast in celebration for all the things, big and small, that the Gods have blessed you with.

Today in Rune-Lore, marks the beginning of the Runic Half-Month called, Ken. Fitting, considering Egypt will be lighting fires on this day. While Egypt has nothing to do with the Culture of Runes, we do see one Civilization bleed it’s influence into the next. How? Ken is symbolized by the sacred Torch—fire. Fire which burns through the haze bringing forth enlightenment. Fire which lights a Great Hall where ordinary objects are turned into magical wonders. Do you need knowledge? Do you need to tap into your female energies and secrets? Do you need an ability or intuition? Invoke that of Ken, and may this entire half-month burn through you like a flame of eye-opening, boundless possibilities made real!


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