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You can find all of the Ancient Calendar Articles concerning June already posted. This page is simply being set up to better organize those Articles. Something like an Index or Table of Contents — hoping to make things easier for our readers to find!

Casey Harris

 June 1: A link between Celtic and Greek Dieties, Rome’s One and not the Other, Ancient World Vampires, Norse Syn and Ancient Egypt

 June 2 : Destroying Ishtar and Count Alessandro di Cagliostro

 June 3 : The Goddess Pax

 June 4: Socrates

 June 5: Ireland’s Domna, other Civilization’s Accounts of Atlantis, and Earth Mother Day

June 6: Thrace and Greece, Goddesses of Night

June 7: Destroying the Vestal Virgin and Giving Birth to the Catholic Pope and Nun

June 8: Rome praises the Goddess Mens

June 9: The Viking’s Sigurdsblót & The Celtic Tree Huath

June 10th: The Unstained & A New Celtic Tree Month Begins

June 11th : Roman Luck, Fertility, and Well-Being

June 12th: The Goddess of Horses, Egyptian Truth, and the Destruction of Hera’s Name

June 13th: A New Goddess Month of Rosea, Epona, The Christian theft of Athene and a showdown between the bible and Hathor

 June 14th: Physical & Symbolic Doors to New Things and Other Dimensions, New Runic Half-Month, A Son of Odin and an Epic Song of Muses

June 15th: Moses’s Copyright Infringement of Ma’at and the Catastrophic Fires of Rome.

 June 16th: Isis’s Tear

 June 17th: So Close and Yet So Far, A Festival of the Bards and a Little Something for the Fisherman

 June 18th: A Fertility God for Men

June 19th: A Controversial Hera

 June 20th: Midsummer’s Eve and Cerridwen Hunts

June 21: Summer Solstice, Midsummer, the Druid festival of Alban Hefin, the Seventh Station of the Year, and the Pagan festival, Litha.

 June 22 : Gwl o Bardd ends and a bit about Pan

June23 : Cú Chulainn and Lord and Lady of the Sidhe

June24 : Old Midsummers Day and the most Powerful Time to Gather Herbs

June25: Ireland’s Beloved Aine

June 26

June 27

June 28

June 29

June 30


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