Pagan Holidays for April 21, 2010

Today’s Numerology number is 1

A very powerful number, this represents unity & wholeness. It is the first masculine number. One is the number of beginnings and is therefore considered to be the number of God/Spirit/Goddess/Higher Power and the universe. It symbolizes the sun, so is linked to Leo. Its colors are orange, yellow, and Gold.


Those is Rome on this day in Ancient History would know it to be Palilia, and should be preparing for their Festival for Pales–a Goddess of Shepherds and Flocks.

Also, in lower Egypt, today they would have been honoring the Goddess Uadjet, who happened to be their Goddess of growth and also gave unto the world the plant Papyrus. Represented by the Cobra, she aided Isis in hiding Horus before and after his birth. This is why the Pharaohs were known to wear symbols of Cobras, for it was their way of marking the protection of the Goddess over them.


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