Goddess Invocation and Prayer

My main work is as a High Priestess and energy worker, and occasionally I am asked to facilaite rituals, birthday celebrations, Wiccanings, etc.  I try to write a new invocation or blessing for each event, as a way of recognizing the individualism of the people involved and the ritual itself.

Since Spring and Summer are the time for parties, and to be outside frolicking in nature, this is the busiest time of year for most Pagans. But sometimes you just don’t have time to personal a ritual. So, I thought I would post the one  invocation and one prayer I use the most, so that anyone who needs them has them available. They can be used as a solitary or in a group setting.


On this night and in this hour

We, the daughters of the Earth

Call upon the ancient power of the Goddess.

Cosmic Queen

You who are the mystery of the Night

And the Primal Force of creation

Fill this sacred circle with your presence.

We, your women

who are your power upon this earth

Call to you – hear our prayer.

Allow your blessings of abundance to flow over our lives

Remind us Great Mother

Of your wisdom, love, and strength that resides in each of us

For within each one of us, you are alive!

And as we stand here


As mothers, sisters, lovers, and wives

Grant us the power to bless and create

So that we may truly say, “I AM GODDESS”

Blessed be.


I call to the Maiden, who is my beginning

I call to the Mother, who is my expansion

I call to the Crone, who is my completion

I acknowledge your power that lives within me.

Allow me, Great Goddess, a portion of your charm and simplicity.

Show me how to illuminate the dark places within the hearts and minds of others with your light.

May your essence and love bless all that I come in contact with.

May your mark grace each step I take.

So mote it be.

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