Pagan Holidays for May 10, 2010



The Ancient Egyptians would have had a formal Observance for their Goddess Neith on this day in history. This celebration would have been all about Neith going forth along the river Nile.

As one of Egypt’s oldest ladies, some myths place her as being the mother of the Sun God Ra. She was called on by those who needed her aid or assistance concerning the art of weaving and or war.

Water, being something of great importance according to most creational myths because it represents the birth giving fluids which keep and sustain life while forming inside the womb– Neith was said to have been the soul or spirit of the divine waters Ra was sprang from. Later on Egyptian beliefs  credited Neith with bringing forth the Serpent Apep by spitting into those same waters. Apep was later said to be the great enemy of Ra, although personally, I am wondering if that was always the case or something mortal Priests of Ra began for whatever common reason.

None-the-less, there must be balance or so it seems.


Monday (moon day) is the day of the Moon Goddess, Selene, Luna, & Mani.


Mondays are an awesome day to take care of matters or magical rituals and spells concerning:

Traveling, memory, one’s instinct, sharpening or increasing Psychic abilities, dreams, healing, home, ancestors and of course, family.


Monday belongs to the Moon and the Element of Water




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