House Gods ll

King Mongkut is still venerated as a God in Thailand.  He died in 1868 after having caught malaria during a visit to a small village south of Bangkok where he had gone to watch a total solar eclipse he  himself had calculated a few years earlier.
In the west he became famous as the all singing and all dancing King of Siam in ‘The King and I’.
A few weeks ago I spent an evening with a Thai lady, Grace,  who had recently moved to Hastings. On her house altar I noticed a postcard of King Mongkut’s contemporary, Queen Victoria,  in amongst the flowers and incense.
Grace told me about how she was once walking along the sea front in St. Leonards when she came across this sculpture of Queen Victoria. The sculpture spoke to her, and gave her some advise about where she should go to meet her husband to be. Grace needed to get married in order to stay in England, so she followed Queen Vic’s advise and everything went to plan. Grace has now decided that Queen Victoria is a Goddess.
And who am I to argue otherwise.                                                                                              

This is how I’m more used to seeing her, though.
Again, I am constantly amazed by how smoothly reality can twist and turn itself into whatever shape we need it to be…Queen Vic; a Dumpy, Dead Despot with a Bollard on her Head or a Benevolent Living Goddess – take your pick.  This link brings you to my previous post on House Gods.

Photos by Matthew May.

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