Ancient Calendar: May 18, 2010


Ok, first off, a little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.

Now, on to what our Ancient Ancestors were doing.

On this fabulous Tuesday, it’s all about Apollo and Pan.

First, let it be known that the shadows (hint: my choice of art) had absolutely nothing to do with Apollo who was all about the Sun. And on this day in ancient history, the Romans were having one hell of a shin-dig Festival (called Apollon) all for him. Why?

Well this happened to be the time, for the Romans, to throw some celebrations down concerning how the light of day was now increasing for the awesome New Year ahead, and how the darkness of the past winter was now becoming few and far between.  And since Apollo, as I said, was the sun, Rome had to give him notice. Less not forget, though, that he also stood for archery, agriculture, poetry, medicine, prophecy, and of course, ethics.

Now, while Rome does their thing, Greece will be doing theirs for the God Pan. Pan happens to be one who likes to wander the forests (again my choice of art) and happened to be the envy of most Greek men especially because he had his own band of Nymphs following him around. (Groupies for the Deities). A good description of Pan was half man, half goat.. Although he had a lot of lust runnin’ through those veins, and the Greeks loved how he burned it.


The above picture is Pan sitting along the side of a Shepherd, those he was patron of. However, just because Pan watched over Shepherds and Herdsmen, didn’t mean they didn’t have to be careful.

You see, Pan was said to be a God who napped during the day. What rock star isn’t a total night owl, hu? Anyway, Greeks warned all Shepherds that they better not make any noise in the forests or meadows and wake the God up.

Also, Pan and his lust earned him rock star notoriety. In fact, not only were legends boasted of him, but the word PANIC was actually born of his name. It was said that this ‘feeling’ was what women felt if they were walking through the woods. In fact, if a woman felt Panic, then that meant she was being stalked or lusted for by Pan, himself.

*Hand to Forehead* Gotta love Pan for that.

That’s all for today peoples, but I hope you learned a little something and enjoyed today’s Ancient Calendar.

See you all tomorrow.



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2 thoughts on “Ancient Calendar: May 18, 2010”

  1. Lol- The filter at my school blocked your post this morning. It exceeded the ‘weighted phrase limit’ or some such junk.

    If Panic means Pan is lusting after you, is Pandemic a precursor to an orgy?


    1. Wouldn’t be the first time I was blocked lol.

      lol @ Pandemic—sheesh, now I will be thinking up all words beginning with Pan–and mucking with them all day.


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