Pagan Holidays for April 27, 2010

The Numerology number for today is: 7

The mystical Number 7 is associated with philosophy, spiritual insights and inner contemplation. Seven is linked with Neptune, and therefore the sign of Pisces. Its colors are sea greens and aquamarines.

Now…let’s check out the Pagan Holidays on Tuesday—the day of Mars.

Anyone know the name of Nicolas Flamel? Well, it seems he was born sometime during 1330 and died in 1417. And what was so awesome about this guy is that he happened to be a French Alchemist. Now, according to Nicolas, he got his hands on a Cabalistic Book of Alchemical Secrets. And by doing so, he claimed it was this book which would give him wisdom and power to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Not only would this give him the ability to turn metals into gold, but it would also allow him to give immortality to him and his wife.

So did he pull it off? Well, its a Historical Fact that he lived his never hurting for money and always having more than he ever needed. Also, to this day, he and his wife’s graves are empty. *winks*

In Ancient Egypt, the Ennead, the nine divinities who were worshipped at Luna shall sail through Egypt.



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