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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 7

Lots going on in Ancient Egypt today, which happens to be one of my favorite cultures. I also think its fitting because this month is Women’s Empowerment Month here at P&P.

One thing Egypt has is very strong and empowered women. In fact, one of the things that I admired most of this culture was the fact that their women didn’t cling to any Great Gods to save them but rather took matters into their own hands and saved themselves.

We have seen a lot of Sekhmet and today is no different. Once again, because she is most deserving, she’s honored in Egypt. Sekhmet was not only testament to all women–being a strong warrior and protector, but she also brought the Dead cake and wine in the Underworld daily.

Also today in Egypt, there will be a festival of Isis. Now Isis was the Goddess of many things (why she is called the Goddess of a Thousand Names) but today she is remembered for being the Patron of Women, Children, Magic, and Medicine.

So on this day, whether you are Pagan or not, perhaps you could take some time to yourself…let your mind heal, so to speak and get in touch with your inner Goddess—the real woman that lives inside of you. Maybe you can see your children with new eyes and you’re importance to them. Remember that you are their protector and Patron. Remember that your love has the power to change the world you live in….because when it comes down to it, it is your world. Remember that magic isn’t divining tools and cauldrons but something that lives inside of you—energy. And that you can make anything happen no matter what the odds.


Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 5th: Earth’s Orbit, Rome Throws Down, & Some Egyptian Ma’at

In many Ancient Calendars, today was actually Old Midsummer’s Day. Ancient or not, the earth, interestingly enough will be the farthest ever on its entire orbit from the sun. Pretty cool, hu?

Now just to make it all the sweeter, Rome would be having two festivals today. It was called Poplifugium, and it was all about history for them. Way back when, Rome was defeated by the Gaul, and unfortunately because of it, were ordered to hand over a big portion of their women. (Sucks to be a woman, sheesh.) Unfortunately, it didn’t suck as much for the ladies of Rome as it did for their slaves. Some Roman gal named Tutula threw the idea of slaves dressing up as the Noble women of Rome and guess how long it took for those ladies of upper-class to throw their poor slave girls out there?

While the Slave women of Rome had to endure their share of hardships, in this one particular case, they had to endure some more.

Ordered to go into the enemy camps of Gaul and get the soldiers drunk, they did. Then after Tutula climbed a tree with a torch giving Roman Soldiers the signal,  Romans marched in and threw down on Gaul. Now, I wonder if those slave women were set free afterwards, or if they were sent back to serving their Ladies and Masters AFTER saving their royal butts?  Doubt it.  While I dig Ancient Cultures, some of their habits just, well, turns my stomach.

Any who…today is also sacred to Ma’at of Egypt, who will join Thoth and Ra on this day and ride across the skies in the sun boat!


Ancient Calendar: June 11, 2010

Fortuna is the Roman Goddess of luck. She was also patron women and fertility. So it’s no surprise that today (in Ancient History) Rome made sacred to her. She seems to be one of their favorites, so pops up quite a bit here and or there on their calendars.

However, today didn’t belong to Fortuna alone. Women of Rome would have also celebrated Matralia, honoring Mater Matula, a Goddess of both dawn and birth.

If women had been married once, and only once, would go to Mater Matula’s temple in the Forum Boarium and place a wreath upon the statue of the Goddess. They would ask the Goddess to foresee the health and protection of their nieces and nephews…as well as their own children.

C.H. Scarlett



We have loads of new stuff coming your way at The Pagan and the Pen. First, let’s get the regular goodies out of the way, shall we?

I am very excited to announce that we have an interview today called:

The BDSM Lifestyle: An Interview With Author Dena Celeste by Rie McGaha

This concerns a Lifestyle that is very controversial because many people write or say they live it, representing it wrongly. So, as we took on a new writer sometime ago who actually lives the Lifestyle of BDSM, I was very happy when she decided to correct the wrongs, throw us some rights, and even a little glossary by allowing our FABULOUS Rie McGaha to interview her.

BIG BIG NEWS–Dena has agreed to do a monthly column with Pagan and Pen. Think Taboo with Dena C.


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June: Pagan Artist of the Month: Willow Arleana

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Lost Bards and Dreamers s

Brynneth has a poetry collection coming out – very druidy in tone – Lost Bards and Dreamers. Cover art by Tom Brown, and it’s coming out very shortly with Alpheratz as an ebook first, and then on paper.


Noble Wyntress Nyght 200x300

C.H. Scarlett’s book Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes (Book One)is set to be released on June 14th, 2010 by Noble Romance Publishing. The book is a zany, supernatural shot for those who need their Paranormal fix. If you adored shows and characters like The Addams Family, Munsters, Elvira, Buffy the Vampire Slayer– then this series may just be for you. I warn you, though, no two bones about it…Wyntress Nyght can be a handful…and she knows it!  For more information click the title or check out C.H. Scarlett’s Website!


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    Laying the Past to Rest

    In my journey through pagan spirituality, I have experienced many past life regressions – usually as a shaman or medicine woman. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and the karma attached to me. I’ve even uncovered the foundation of some issues I have now, like why I hate apples (one of my previous incarnations choked on one and died) and my fear of bugs (my previous war torn child-self forced to live in roach infested ruins). Whether those visions were real spiritual experiences, or just my subconscious mind concocting pictures to explain trauma doesn’t matter. Either way, they have proved to be invaluable in the understanding of myself, and my purpose in the world.

    I’ve had many past life sessions with therapists and readers, and each one taught me something new. But the main lesson taught in any session is how to let go of the pain and negative habits gathered in previous lives. And lately, this knowledge has come to help me in this incarnation, helped me to deal with issues in my youth and recent history.

    Sometimes a spiritual journey is not about venturing into past lives, but purging the lives you’ve lived in this existence, in this body. It is amazing how many lives you have within one lifetime.  Every major occurrence in our lives can be viewed as an event unto itself, an experience that shapes who we are – whether its relationships, moments of epiphany, etc. We all know the basic cycles: childhood, puberty, young adulthood, adulthood, menopause, wise woman days, aka maiden, mother, crone, and the cycles in between. Each time we begin a new cycle of life, the old cycle dies. And much like a past life experience, we have to lay it to rest, and take the lessons from it and move forward.

    However, we often forget that within each of those cycles is a depth of experiences we don’t honor and mourn appropriately. Instead, we marinate on them, the problems and shame running through our minds over and over again. And suddenly, our decisions in the present are based on our experiences in the past.

    I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that how its supposed to be? Well, yes – we are supposed to remember and use the wisdom of our past, but not to the degree we sometimes take it.  We spend so much time worrying about things that have already happened that we often miss what’s happening in the here and now.  Our history should be a point of reference, but not have a hold over the current time.

    Each moment of our lives has power, a center of its own, and when an incident ends negatively it is very much a death wound to our spirits and energy. If we were to look at each time we have been hurt, disillusioned, disheartened, wronged, we would see just how many deaths we have experienced in this incarnation. Mourning these experiences is vital, then “consciously forgetting” them can be viewed as a type of reincarnation, a way of rebirth.

    In Women Who Run with the Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes discusses the process of conscious forgetting:

    “To forget means to aver from memory, to refuse to dwell – in other words, to let go, to loosen one’s hold, particularly on memory.

    To forget does not mean to make yourself brain-dead. Conscious forgetting means letting go of the event, to not insist it stay in the foreground, but rather allow it to be relegated to the background or move off stage. We practice conscious forgetting by refusing to summon up the fiery material, we refuse to recollect. To forget is an active, not a passive, endeavor. It means to not haul up certain materials, or turn them over and over, to not work oneself up by repetitive thought, picture, or emotion. Conscious forgetting means willfully dropping the practice of obsessing, intentionally outdistancing and losing sight of it, not looking back, thereby living in a new landscape, creating new life and new experiences to think about instead of the old ones. This kind of forgetting does not erase memory, it lays the emotion surrounding the memory to rest.”

    Perhaps this is another lesson in the death/rebirth section of Goddess teachings. Cerridwen puts us in the pot, stirs it up; and we melt and boil and scream but emerge cleaner and wiser. Pele tosses us into the fiery volcano and we climb out with inspiration and new understanding. Persephone guides us to the underworld and teaches us how to rule as Queen.  The theology of the Goddess shows us exactly how to overcome the stagnation of the past; but instead of thanking Pele for the creativity and realizations, we bitch about how hot the lava was and tell anyone who will listen about the misery of the whole incident.

    By practicing “conscious forgetting”, the power of our rebirths is suddenly visible. We become witnesses to our awakening; we can honor ourselves for all the times we have crawled up from the dirt and started again.

    The fact that you are still here, still in an earthly body with a heavenly spirit, means that you have been reborn from a death. Reincarnated. Transfigured. It’s time to focus on the rebirth, not the death. Honor yourself for the strength it took, the courage you had/have to begin again.   Mourn, and then let it go.  It doesn’t mean the experience still doesn’t influence you, but it does rip the power away from the circumstances and the past, and place it back into your hands in the present. There is a difference between learning from your past, and reliving your past. The you from yesterday is gone.  Pay attention to who you’ve been reborn as today.

    In short: let it go.

    Archetypal Women

    When I was growing up, the world around me did not offer much by way of strong archetypes I could relate to. I wasn’t Princess material – too tall, too dark, too serious. No one was going to rescue me from a tower, or fight dragons on my behalf, that much was obvious. I didn’t fit. I wasn’t fashionable. Going through my teens, looking around at my peers and seeing who they emulated – I didn’t want to be part of that world.

    It’s not easy growing up odd with no sense of where you fit or the kind of person you might be. Archetypes help us build our own identities and find places to fit. Female archetypes out there in the mainstream are not numerous. The pretty girl who makes money from her face, voice and body. High powered, shoulder-padded businesswoman who is mostly trying to be a bloke anyway. Domestic goddess and mother, all smiling benevolence and cake mix. Nice women. Women whose success is measured by their sexual appeal and fertility, or by the ability to pass as men. At college I discovered some very empowered gay and academic women, who I adored. But I wasn’t one of them either.

    Then in my early twenties I started encountering other pagan women for the first time. Strong souls, creative, independent and not conforming to the mainstream either. Goth, hippy, folky dress styles on bodies that aren’t anorexically trendy. Women who are unapologetically themselves, manifesting their natures in all kinds of ways, accepting of each other, and not trying to be men. Sexy women whose sensuality isn’t all wrapped up in brand image and sales pitch. Mothers, yes. Workers, yes. But on their own terms. A mature kind of femininity, that isn’t sparkly, girlish or superficial. I have learned from these lovely people, and I have found my own place.

    If you look to the many Goddesses of the pagan pantheons, they are a diverse bunch. Many preside over specifically female concerns around child bearing, hearth and home. Brigid might be midwife and keeper of the hearth flame, but she is also a smithing goddess. Diana and Artemis hunt. Athena presides over war, and poetry. The Morrigan stalks battlefields while Ceridwen brews magic. We can look to the Amazons, to Boudicca, Mogan Le Fay. And in our own time, powerful, imaginative women are leaders in the pagan community.

    Be who you are, and show it. Be the archetype that lost girls in younger generations can look to. We can all be mothers to the maidens who follow us.

    A Ritual to Heal a Woman’s Heart

    The Goddess is the Divine Feminine energy, the Infinite Spirit that drives this universe.  The Earth is Her bones, the wind Her breath, the heat of the sun and our bodies Her passion, the blood in our veins that flows like water is her essence. She has many names and many faces, and Her divine spark lives within each of us.

    We as women are Her daughters, a reflection of Her grace and strength. We are the manifestation of the Goddess upon the earth. And when we stand together, women of every ethnicity, of every shape, size, and age, we give a voice to that feminine energy.

    We can come together in love and trust, and stand together, supporting one another. And when women support each other on their spiritual paths, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

    Our bodies, like the seasons, travel in cycles. And now upon the earth and within ourselves it is the dark time; winter, when the earth sleeps and heals itself in preparation for spring. As springtime is a space of new beginnings, growth, of rebirth, now is the time to ready ourselves for the future.  It’s time for us to prepare to plant new seeds so that they may grow and blossom in our lives.

    As women, our hearts are the soil of our soul, and whatsoever we plant in our hearts takes root. It grows, nourished by our thoughts and actions, and our beliefs. Many times in our lives we inadvertently plant negative seeds in the soil of our hearts.  We go through harsh experiences, we deal with unevolved people, and our foundation of love and trust becomes tainted.

    Today is the day to ask yourself what negative seeds, what weeds you have planted in your heart. Have you planted the seeds of anger, depression, of self doubt? Have you allowed others to dig up your soil/soul? Winter is the perfect time to uproot those negative things, and to gather the positive seeds to be watered with love instead of doubt, to be nourished with righteous action instead of self defeating movement.

    Today is the day to begin again, to invite in your desires and the life you deserve.

    I have chosen to quickly share a ritual that can be completed as a solitary practitioner; however it is best performed within a group setting, so that as a group we can help each other release those things that no longer serve us and move into the divine plan for our lives. We all feel alone and lost at times, like we are the only ones going through our particular trauma or drama; performing this ritual with a group of encouraging women is ideal so that you all can support one another with smiles and loving energy, and no that whatever you are releasing, there is someone within the circle who can support you in it. Performing the ritual with others allows your sisters to stand in agreement with you, that your combined energy and grace may feed all everyone’s needs.


    *A large bowl or gourd, filled with planting soil

    *A variety of wildflower seeds  (you can find these at any home improvement store, and occasionally at Walmart or Target. Wildflower seeds are best as you can plant them any time of year, and they will grow and flourish in spring and summer.)

    *Decorative cloth bags (optional – the 99 cent store is always good for things like that)

    Fill the bowl/gourd with the planting soil. The bowl represents the womb of the Goddess, the womb of the earth where all things are created.  You may want to energetically prepare the soil by charging it with love and acceptance before the ritual. Also, you may color coordinate the bowl for the purpose (green, brown, or white).

    The participants should gather in a circle, with the bowl in the center next to the container of seeds. Have each woman take a moment to go within, to be honest with themselves about what negative seeds have been planted in their hearts and they would like to uproot, and the positive they wish to plant. Then go around the circle, and each participate will step forward, say their name, and the seed they wish to uproot. Take the time to support the speaker energetically while they verbalize their needs.  Then have the speaker will take a handful of the wildflowers seeds, and state the new positive ideas and energy they are planting into their heart. The other participants should continue honoring and supporting their sister with energy. At that time, the speaker will place the seeds into the bowl, representing the planting of their desires into their heart, and the heart of the Goddess.

    Go around the circle until every woman has had her turn. At that time, as priestess of the rite, you can take the bowl of soil and seeds and plant them somewhere where they will flourish (during the ritual or at a later time). Or you can get some pretty little cloth bags and fill them with the soil/seed mix, and give one to each participant. If you choose the latter option, be sure that every woman understands that they not only hold their own positive seeds in their hands, but the happiness of the other participants as well – and that the seeds must be planted. The participants can be holding the light and energy of the circle while you are filling the bags. Then close the ritual in your usual way.

    If you perform this ritual as a solitary, follow the same order but be sure to add in a period of meditation before you speak the new seeds to be planted.

    May your winter be transformational, and your spring flourishing!