Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 4: Concordia & Pax

To all our Present day American Pagans ….

Happy Independence Day!

Today in Ancient History, a great festival would have been held in Rome, all in honor of their Goddess of blissful relationships, Concordia. That’s right, if someone wanted their relationship to run more smoothly, or wanted happy relations period, they might call upon the Goddess. But whether they wanted it or wanted to keep it, nearly all of Rome would honor her today. In fact, her shrine which was constructed during the year of 367 BCE was smack dab in Concordia, the meeting place of the Senate. Yeah, i suppose they would want to get along as well, hu?

Now, in order to seal the deal on happiness and or harmonious relations, Rome would have also honored Pax, their Goddess of peace, who was another version of the Greek goddess Eirene. After all, you can’ get along with other people if you don’t have some peace, right?