Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 28th: The Dark, Bent Man

Our Ancient Calendar tells of the Irish celebrating for three whole days something they called, Aoine Chrom Dubh. The god Crom Dubh was known as “the dark & bent man”. Why is he crooked and hunched over? Because he is a God of never-ending labors, constantly bent with sheaves of wheat weighing down upon his back, delivered unto the realm of men from that of the netherworld.

This maybe why this celebration took place  during the peak of Cruschan Aigle and it was a time to gives deep thanks to Aoine Chrom Dubh and Aine for the fruits of the season.

It was also a time of fertility. Interestingly enough, if a woman wished to become with child, she’d travel and spend the night on top of the mountain. Upon her return, she was instructed to seek out her Lover and join with him. By doing so, the God would bless her with a child.