Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 29th: Runic Half Months & Thor

3The runic half-month of Thurisaz (thur-ee-saws) begins on this day. Also known as Thorn or Giant, it runs from July 29th through August 13th.

This is a rune of protection. It is also a time to deal with conflicts in a passive and peaceful  way.

Some call this a rune of evil, chaos and temptation while others say it can come up as a warning.  Many say it is a rune of strength – strength of mind and body. This is the power and the time to overcome ones enemies or troubling situations. This is the fire that will burn through the darkness, clearing your mind, allowing you to gain whatever wisdom or strength you need to overcome.

Fitting that this is the Rune beginning for this month because the Norse also had a festival for Thor on this day in our ancient calendar. Thor was the God of Lightning and of Thunder.  He was strength and stood for mankind. Infact, when it came down to picking a side between God and Man, Thor often chose the side of men.

Thursday was actually named after Thor.