Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 9: The Greater Panathenæa and Rome’s Fire


The Greater Panathenæa was a festival that the Greeks held to honor their Goddess Anthena. Anthena was the patron of war, enlightenment, art and more. War was of great importance during ancient times but Greek’s also prided themselves as being enlightened as well as having a deep appreciation for the arts. The Greater Panathenæa was a big deal to the Greeks because they would have these huge festivities like the one they would have had today but also, including, but not limited too–races, (single and grouped), games feasts, wrestling, contests, dancing, and more.

Romans were having yet another huge day on their side of the world as well, all in honor of their Goddess Vesta who happened to be the Goddess of fire, hearth and home.

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