Rescue Pets

Every day I see videos and images of shelter animals that need  homes. They’re frequently asking for donations while showcasing their sad, pathetic faces. I’m wary of large organizations that ask for money because I never trust that much overhead. Most of those large organizations spend less than 10% on their mission and over 90% on marketing and the business aspects. I don’t want to give to those places.

Calypso 13 wksWalking the Wiccan path means taking steps to make the world a better place. While I don’t give to the ASPCA, I do rescue animals. Every animal I’ve adopted has been unwanted. Right now, I have a dog I got from someone housing hoards of abandoned puppies. Callie is a mutt, mostly hound dog, and the ways in which she’s enriched my family can’t be adequately expressed. She’s helped to teach my daughters responsibility and improved their self-esteem. She’s the emotional support anybody needs whenever they need it.

20160221_202940_resizedI have two cats. One met my wife by following her down the street, mewing because she was a kitten who’d lost her mom. Skippy is kind of a jerk, but he’s calming down as he ages. The other cat came to us as an adult (age unknown) because she appeared at an adoption fair at a local store. We went in for grass seed and came out with Alice. Alice is a sweet, klutzy cat who drools when she purrs—and she purrs a lot. In the few short months since she’s come to live here, she’s made a positive impact on everybody. Skippy is noticeably happier 20160506_212525and friendlier (by friendly, I mean that he no longer bites every time when petted.) Callie is happy to have another animal who will play with her (Skippy doesn’t play. Ever.) And we’re happy to have a cat who is so affectionate and playful.

Rescuing a pet isn’t an altruistic endeavor. In Wicca, we believe that what you put out there comes back to you. Adopting an unwanted animal is one of the ways in which we can fill our lives—and the lives of the creatures around us—with positivity.

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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 12: Egyptian Creator of the World


Sokar is a funerary god of Ancient Egypt. He was drawn as a man with the head of a hawk. Today, in Ancient History, Egyptians had a holiday to honor Sokar at his temple.

Also, in Ancient Egypt, today would have been the Festival of the Estate of Ptah. Ptah happened to be the first of all Egyptian Gods and the creator of the world.

Did you know Egypt is the broken and combined word, Het- Ka- Ptah, meaning, The House of the Spirit of Ptah?